Memberships and Subscriptions

Viking Roofspec is a member and subscriber to a number of key associations and services to ensure that it:

(i) Facilitates the compliance process for the customer and

(ii) Contributes to the development of the construction industry.


CodeMark is a New Zealand and Australian certification scheme which provides a process for a construction product to be assessed against, to demonstrate its compliance with the requirements of the Building Code.

CodeMark assists specifiers and Councils by providing the highest level of assurance, reducing delays and additional information requests (for the CodeMark Certified product) when submitting a consent application.

When specifying a CodeMark Certified product in accordance with teh CodeMark certificate, compliance for the purpose of building consent, is guaranteed.

CodeMark is product certification, which is the pinnacle of the product assurance framework.

No certificate provides more confidence and certainty to all key stakeholders, than CodeMark.

To see Viking's CodeMark Certifications, click here.

BRANZ performs independent product / system assessments - reviewing and testing quality; the ability to meet the requirements of the New Zealand Building Code and the ability to handle New Zealand's tough climatic conditions.

A BRANZ appraised product provides peace of mind and quality assurance.

For a list of our BRANZ appraised products click here

Masterspec is the leading construction product specification provider in New Zealand. Its key purpose is to provide the architectural and construction sectors with clear, meaningful specifications in a format that is council-friendly. Masterspec is now being used by over 1100 architectural design practices. Providing detailed specification resources that can be easily modified to suit any project, Masterspec delivers its specifications in four genres for design professionals namely "Standard", "Engineering", "Basic" and "Minor".

To assist with specifications for your building project, all Viking systems have Masterspec specifications on the Masterspec website - visit

With the rapid development of sustainable building in New Zealand, Viking Roofspec has identified the importance of offering a range of sustainable roofing solutions. These reduce the impact on the environment and assist with a building’s Green Star rating. For example Viking Enviroclad membrane is highly reflective in white and grey; thus contributing to the reduction in the energy costs associated with cooling a building.

As a member of the Green Building Council, Viking Roofspec is constantly learning new ways to develop sustainable roofing solutions for the New Zealand construction sector.

For further information on the Green Building Council please visit

The Membrane Group (MGNZ) is a group of membrane supply companies in New Zealand whose key thrust is to lift the standard of waterproofing in terms of supply and application. This has been done by formulating codes of practice and providing a forum for the architectural marketplace to tap into its collective wealth of knowledge. Viking Roofspec is an active member of the Membrane Group.

For further information on the Membrane Group please visit the website


Viking Roofspec has been a member of the Roofing Association for many years and remains one of its sponsors; demonstrating its ongoing commitment to the roofing industry in New Zealand.

Established as an Incorporated Society in 1994, the Roofing Association of New Zealand (RANZ) is the national trade organisation and representative collective voice for the roofing industry. As roofing is a "specialist trade", the organisation is actively engaged in the business of ensuring a more professional, health & safety conscious, quality trained, skilled and qualified industry. RANZ represents the roofing industry in all aspects of legislation and compliance involving government, regulatory and local government authorities.

Membership of RANZ comprises around 300 businesses nationwide operating in the residential and commercial/industrial roofing market, employing over 2,000 roofing installers or applicators. Members represent the majority of specialist professional roofing companies throughout New Zealand involved in the supply and installation of all roof systems available on the New Zealand market and key manufacturers and suppliers of roofing products.

For further information on the Roofing Association please visit their website at

EBOSS is a library of technical information for building products, providing timely access for architects, designers and construction professionals.

In the early 2000s architects, designers and technicians were beginning to look online for new products and technical details. EBOSS was formed in 2006 to bring print technical manuals online. In 2009 EBOSS launched its flagship online magazine, EBOSSNOW - publishing monthly product profiles and project case studies - as well as a network of technical expert blogs called Detailed.

The EBOSS library contains product information from over 200 of New Zealand's leading product suppliers, including CAD files, details, written specifications, warranties and more. For designers and project managers, free access to the EBOSS library means fast and efficient searching for technical details and more time designing. No more out-of-date hard copy manuals.

For further information on EBOSS please visit their website at

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