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Raising the skills of the construction industry

24 May, 2012

A roof is the first line of protection against the elements so the right roofing solution needs to be installed to ensure the home or building is watertight.

To ensure their roofing materials and systems are installed correctly and professionally, Viking Roofspec has set up a purpose- built training facility for its roofing applicator network.

“The roof provides protection from the weather, so choosing the right roofing system and ensuring that it is correctly installed, is vital in ensuring the home or building is well protected from the elements” said Rod McAneaney General Manager Viking Group.  “Our purpose-built training facility is upskilling our roofing applicators and developing higher standards to ensure our roofing materials are installed professionally for peace of mind”

The training facility is based at Viking Roofspec’s Office in Otara.  It has been set up to focus on practical, hands-on training, supported with course material.  The facility is equipped with tools, welding equipment and materials.  Roofing modules are available for each participant so they can learn how to perform detailing under the watchful eye of Viking Roofspec’s Technical Team who have over 30 years experience in the roofing industry.

Roofing Applicators are invited to attend the training course and must complete this first stage prior to installing Viking Roofspec’s roofing solutions on a live project.

The training groups are small enough to ensure that each participant receives his or her share of one-on-one tuition. Each course is focused on a specific system. The options include:

What does this mean for the building industry?

The roof is more exposed to the elements than any other building component. Viking Roofspec has made it its responsibility to ensure its systems are installed according to its specifications which in-turn meet the New Zealand Building Code and local authority requirements. So ensuring that Viking’s applicators are fully trained, is a vital part of the delivery of peace of mind to all key stakeholders; most of all the building owners.

For further information about Viking Roofspec’s focus on Raising the Skill Level of the Roofing Industry click here  

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