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Indirect Customers - Customers we provide support to:



Specification is key. Our role is to assist specifiers such as architects; engineers and procurement staff, to specify the most appropriate roofing or waterproofing system for their project. Our Territory Managers have sound technical knowledge, and access to Viking’s technical information is available online through details and documents or can be provided directly.

For assistance with your plans, please contact one of our Territory Managers.

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Building Contractors

The stakeholder usually judged for the success of a project is the building contractor, who cannot afford to commission the services of below-par sub-contractors, or in our case, have materials being installed that aren’t fit-for-purpose. Viking's Territory Managers work with building contractors and approved applicators to ensure successful project completion.

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Territorial Authorities

A consentable project will go nowhere without the support of Council. In order to achieve this, It is important that our materials are: fit-for-purpose; are certified; only installed by a licensed applicator, and to our specification (compliant with the Building Code). We work alongside territorial authorities to ensure your waterproofing solution is compliant.

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Building Owners

Our role as a product supplier is to ensure building owners receive a waterproofing solution that is fit-for-purpose and compliant. At Viking Roofspec we offer building owners assistance in product selection and technical support, quality of installation, and monitoring the performance of materials through our product and full system warranties.

To talk to your closest Territory Manager, or to book an onsite inspection, please click here.

Direct Customers - Customers we sell our materials to:

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Approved Applicators

With the exception of some accessories, our roofing and waterproofing systems are sold exclusively through our Approved Applicator network.

Viking Approved Applicators are companies who employ certified installers that have been through our stringent licensing programme. Viking Approved applicators install materials for projects where our materials have been specified, or for non-specified projects where they have had some influence over the decision-makers themselves.

With the range of applicators Viking Roofspec supplies product to; whether that be a residential home, new sub-division, large commercial build or unique architectural design, our products will be installed to the highest quality of workmanship possible.

For a list of Viking Approved roofing companies, click here.