Our Licensing Programme

Application is everything. The performance of any construction material rests solely on the standard of workmanship in its installation. At Viking, we’ve taken this mantra so seriously, we’ve invested substantial resources in establishing and running the Viking Waterproofing Licensing Programme. This is recognised as an industry leader with its comprehensive curriculum and stringent three-staged, hands-on, licensing programme to ensure every installer is applying our materials; to our specification, and with the care, pride and attention to detail that makes the job attractive and more importantly, 100% watertight. Installers from every Viking Approved Applicator company, must either have completed, or be in the process of completing, this licensing programme to be eligible to install Viking’s materials.

Thanks Viking for the training session today! Viking provides an awesome training facility here in Auckland. I’m glad this a compulsory process for all applicators/suppliers - no matter what material you are using before you even begin.

Eddie Tell - Superior Waterproofing

About the Viking Licensing School

In 2007, Viking Roofspec formulated a stringent licensing programme to raise the standard of waterproofing in New Zealand. It is focussed on providing roofing installers from our Approved Applicator network, with the level of training and support to correctly and professionally install systems to a watertight finish. This three stage programme must be completed successfully (irrespective of experience) in order for an installer to be awarded his or her final licence.

Every Viking Roofspec Approved Applicator must either have completed, or be in the process of completing this licensing programme to be eligible to install Viking’s materials.

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Viking Approved Applicators and Licensed Installers

An Approved Applicator is an installation contracting company employing licensed installers who apply Viking Roofspec’s roofing and waterproofing materials. Despite their independence, they meet a comprehensive set of criteria developed by Viking Roofspec to ensure a professional, watertight finish.

A Licensed Installer is an individual who has completed Viking Roofspec’s licensing programme. He or she is either employed by an Approved Applicator, or is the owner / operator of the company. Installers who have passed stage two of the programme are also eligible to install materials for a Viking Full System Warranty project.

Pricing work in the office is a long way from fully understanding the site requirements for when applying membranes - no matter how much you think you know! Gerry's course gave an excellent overview, and the practical training with torch in hand was a great leveller, giving me a much better understanding. An excellent course and to be recommended to even those working around the edge of the industry who make decisions for those actually doing the work.

Mike Pratt - Mohan Roofing