Our Product Assurance

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Certain areas of New Zealand can be subjected to some of the toughest climatic conditions in the civilised world. This calls for construction materials to stand the test of time. At Viking Roofspec we offer quality assurance from CodeMark certifications and BRANZ Appraisals, two of the highest possible forms of product assurance on the Government’s Product Assurance framework.

We believe Viking Roofspec has invested more funds into the appraisal and certification of our roofing and waterproofing materials than any of our competitors.



BRANZ is a nationally-recognised body providing product appraisals based on lab-testing and expert scientific opinion.

At Viking Roofspec, we hold current BRANZ Appraisals for nearly all of our products.

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CodeMark is a form of product certification which is the highest form of Product Assurance. It’s a New Zealand and Australian-based scheme which provides a rigorous platform for a construction product to be assessed against to demonstrate it's compliance with the requirements of the building code.

Viking’s CodeMark-Certified Membrane systems are:

  • Enviroclad TPO membrane
  • Viking Torch-On membranes

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BBA (British Board of Agreement) is one of the world's highest possible accreditation benchmarks for a construction product.

Viking Phoenix Super APAO TorchOn is the only New Zealand BBA certified torch-on membrane.

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