Our Testimonials

Great Job with a Great Product!

"We chose this product because the wider rolls minimise joins and therefore the potential for leaks. The warranty supports this and is one we can trust. The Applicator was very thorough with checking the preparation and ensuring the main contractor had prepared the base structure correctly.

When I turned up to site the Viking rep and Technical Manager were on the job ensuring all was done correctly. An observation - all the roofing applicators were happy in their work, ensuring a quality installation, despite the high temperatures. A great job done with a great product!!"

Tim Giesler, Director/Architect

Working with a Viking Approved Applicator

"When we began researching different roofing materials to replace our worn-out metal tile roof, we contacted an Approved Applicator off Viking's website. The applicator met us at our home to discuss the reroofing process. The knowledge and advice they provided confirmed we had made the right decision and their professionalism made the daunting process of reroofing very safe and simple. I would highly recommend a Viking Approved Applicator."

Phillip & Kirsten, Howick, Auckland

"We are extremely happy with the new roof. Viking delivered the very best job with a caring attitude, wonderful communication and ensured we received a top-notch finish. I would definitely recommend Viking Roofspec to others."

Maggie, Orewa, Auckland

Clear, Well-Reasoned Advice

"We carefully researched reroofing options for our property and spoke to a number of suppliers and other professionals. Viking stood out in providing clear, well-reasoned advice and it was easy to compare the value for money of their product with others on the market. We chose their long lasting asphalt shingle product, and they assisted us with identifying a reliable and committed contractor."

Stephen & Yuri, Auckland

Support Throughout the Consent Process

"We appreciated the assistance from Viking Roofspec about the technical installation aspects of the Hatteras Shingles so we could get the local authority consent issues sorted. The Viking Roofspec team provided the shingle samples which made the process of deciding easier because we were able to see the real shingles on our roof. The roof looks great and the house seems to be warmer and quieter (no sounds of rain or wind noise)."

Chris, Wellington

Viking Certainteed Landmark The Final Finish

CertainTeed Shingles Transform the Homes Look

"Our existing cedar shingle roofing had come to the end of its life-span and were investigating our various replacement options. The Viking CertainTeed Independence shingle stood out as an attractive and cost effective solution, and the security of a 50 year product warranty and a Viking Approved Applicator gave us confidence in the reroofing process. We are very pleased with our new roof and can recommend Viking CertainTeed shingles to others considering their roofing options."

Craig, Auckland


EcoStar Compliments the Look of their Home

"Our house was transformed when we replaced the existing roofing with EcoStar. We have had heaps of compliments about how good it looks and are thrilled that some 6 years after it was done it still looks as good as it did from the start and we have not had any need for any sort of maintenance on it. Great job thanks! Thoroughly recommended and knowing it has such a long product warranty period is an extra bonus!"

Camille, Wellington

"Our house is one of four identical units and the other three owners all came to the same conclusion and opted for the Viking product. A year has passed, we have had a lot of heavy rain, and we enjoy living with the absolute confidence that we won't have to cope with drips and damp ceilings and walls again."

Stephen & Yuri, Auckland

Roof Dominates the Appearance of the Home

"Our house is a Cape Cod design so our roof is very visual - we were originally going to leave our roof as it was but we decided a new roof would just make it - we were recommended Viking Roofspec and decided to go ahead with a Charcoal colour shingle - we're very happy with our decision - we would recommend Viking who are a very professional company."

Andrea, Auckland

Clear Communication; Exceeds Expectations

"When we made the decision to go with a new roof solution we contacted a variety of companies. After having many issues with some, Viking stood out as the most professional so we went with them. There is a level of trust that you have to have in a company and Viking exceeded our expectations. They provided clear communication through the job and any issues (raised by us or them) were discussed and resolved through good consultation. The roof looks fantastic and was done quickly and professionally."

Rich, Auckland

Viking CertainTeed Landmark Moire Black.jpg
Viking Enviroclad creates tidy roof finish