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Enviroclad Accessories


Viking Protection Sheet


Viking Enviroclad Brochure 2019.jpg

Viking Roofspec Enviroclad Brochure


Viking Reroofing Brochure

Viking WarmRoof Brochure 2019.jpg

Viking Roofspec WarmRoof Brochure


Viking Roofspec Company Brochure

Viking WarmSpan Brochure 2019.jpg

Viking WarmSpan Brochure

CAD Details

Enviroclad Details UPDATED FULL SET.jpg

Enviroclad Details Full Set.dwg

Enviroclad Details UPDATED FULL SET.jpg

Enviroclad Details Full Set.pdf

CAD Images

EC01 Enviroclad Dripedge.jpg

Enviroclad Drip Edge

EC02 Enviroclad Drain Overflow.jpg

Enviroclad Drain Overflow

EC02A Side Exit Drain and Overflow SDM055.jpg

Enviroclad Side Exit Drain and Overflow SDM055

EC02B Enviroclad 80mm Balcony Drain.jpg

Enviroclad 80mm Balcony Drain

EC02C Enviroclad 100mm Balcony Drain.jpg

Enviroclad 100mm Balcony Drain

EC03 Enviroclad Internal Gutter.jpg

Enviroclad Internal Gutter

EC04 Enviroclad Scupper.jpg

Enviroclad Scupper

EC04A Enviroclad Scupper as Overflow.jpg

Enviroclad Scupper as Overflow

EC05 Enviroclad Parapet Gutter with Scuppers.jpg

Enviroclad Parapet Gutter with Scuppers

EC06 Enviroclad Parapet Gutter.jpg

Enviroclad Parapet Gutter

EC07 Enviroclad Parapet Overflow.jpg

Enviroclad Parapet Overflow

EC08 Enviroclad Barge Edge.jpg

Enviroclad Barge Edge

EC09 Enviroclad Cavity Upstands.jpg

Enviroclad Cavity Upstands

EC10 Enviroclad Chase or Face Flashing.jpg

Enviroclad Chase or Face Flashing

EC11 Enviroclad Door Threshold.jpg

Enviroclad Door Threshold

EC12 Enviroclad Construction Joint.jpg

Enviroclad Construction Joint

EC13 Enviroclad to Pitched Roof.jpg

Enviroclad to Pitched Roof

EC13A Enviroclad Internal Gutter to Metal Roof.jpg

Enviroclad Internal Gutter to Metal Roof

EC14 Enviroclad Skylight Upstand.jpg

Enviroclad Skylight Upstand

EC15 Enviroclad External Corner.jpg

Enviroclad External Corner

EC16 Enviroclad Internal Corner.jpg

Enviroclad Internal Corner

EC17 Enviroclad Kick-Out Diverter.jpg

Enviroclad Kick-Out Diverter

EC18 Enviroclad Kick-Out Diverter.jpg

Enviroclad Kick-Out Diverter (1)

EC19 Enviroclad Mansard Junction.jpg

Enviroclad Mansard Junction

EC20 Enviroclad Cavity Vents.jpg

Enviroclad Cavity Vents

EC21 Enviroclad Oversized Pipe.jpg

Enviroclad Oversized Pipe

EC21A Enviroclad Flue Penetration.jpg

Enviroclad Flue Penetration

EC22 Enviroclad Pipe Penetration.jpg

Enviroclad Pipe Penetration

EC23 Enviroclad Plant Mounting Brackets.jpg

Enviroclad Plant Mounting Brackets

EC24 Enviroclad Pourable Pockets.jpg

Enviroclad Pourable Pockets

EC25 Enviroclad Plinths.jpg

Enviroclad Plinths

EC25A Enviroclad EJOT Bar.jpg

Enviroclad EJOT Bar

EC26 Enviroclad Square Post.jpg

Enviroclad Square Post

EC27 Enviroclad TPO Batten.jpg

Enviroclad TPO Batten

EC28 Enviroclad Parapet Junction.jpg

Enviroclad Parapet Junction

EC29 Enviroclad T Joint.jpg

Enviroclad T Joint

EC30 Enviroclad Lap Transition.jpg

Enviroclad Lap Transition

Enviroclad Scupper Overflow STP604.jpg

Enviroclad Scupper Overflow STP604

Enviroclad Scupper STP601.jpg

Enviroclad Scupper STP601

Enviroclad Scupper STP602.jpg

Enviroclad Scupper STP602

Enviroclad Scupper STP603.jpg

Enviroclad Scupper STP603

Enviroclad Sump IMR120T.jpg

Enviroclad Sump IMR120T

Enviroclad Sump IMR130T.jpg

Enviroclad Sump IMR130T

Enviroclad Sump IMR400T.jpg

Enviroclad Sump IMR400T

Outlets Allthrough Balcony Drains.jpg

Enviroclad Outlets Allthrough Balcony Drains

Outlets Overflows Allproof.jpg

Enviroclad Outlets Overflows Allproof

Outlets Overflows Aquaknight.jpg

Enviroclad Outlets Overflows Aquaknight

EC03A Enviroclad Weldable Sump thumbnail.jpg

Enviroclad Weldable Sump

Case Studies


Viking Certainteed Enviroclad Lifestyle Home

Nursing home thumbnail.jpg

Viking Enviroclad APEEL Warmroof Rhinobond


Viking Enviroclad Creates Watertight Infinity Pool


Viking Enviroclad FBS Historical Building Gets A Facelift


Viking Enviroclad FBS Watertight Energy Efficien Parnell Apartments


Viking Enviroclad Keeps Water Out Of The Bank


Viking Enviroclad Protecting Staff And Pupils At Local Huntly School


Viking Enviroclad Watertight Styley Remuera Apartments

cyclone thumbnail.jpg

Viking Envrioclad FBS Reroofing After Cyclone Pam

asb thumbnail.jpg

Viking Enviroclad ASB Marlborough Case Study

Product Specifications


Enviroclad FBS PTS


Enviroclad PTS

vkg_concrete  6 June 2018.jpg

Viking Concrete Substrate Checklist

vkg_enviroclad_plywood 6 June 2018.jpg

Viking Plywood Substrate Checklist

vkg_Strandsarking_June 2018.jpg

Viking Strandsarking Substrate Checklist

Post-installation thumbnail.jpg

Post-installation Checklist

Enviroclad Sure-Weld Bonding Adhesive MSDS.jpg

Enviroclad Sure-Weld Bonding Adhesive MSDS

Membrane Cleaner MSDS.jpg

Membrane Cleaner MSDS

Clear Cut Edge Sealant MSDS.jpg

Clear Cut Edge Sealant MSDS

Pourable Pocket Sealer (White) MSDS.jpg

Pourable Pocket Sealer (White) MSDS

Water Cut-Off Mastic MSDS.jpg

Water Cut-Off Mastic MSDS

Surface Sealer Part A MSDS.jpg

Surface Sealer Part A MSDS

Surface Sealer Part B MSDS.jpg

Surface Sealer Part B MSDS

FAST Adhesive MSDS.jpg

FAST Adhesive MSDS

Quality Assurance


Application Guide Enviroclad

Enviroclad 30058-code.jpg

Enviroclad CodeMark Certificate

Enviroclad Branz 6.5KPA.jpg

Enviroclad BRANZ Appraisal


Enviroclad Potable Certificate 1102931 COA 070711


Membrane Care and Maintenance Guide


Viking Enviroclad Alternative Substrate Fixing Specification with RhinoBond


Viking Enviroclad FBS Masterspec Online


Viking Enviroclad Masterspec Online



Viking Roofspec Full System Warranty Brochure

Viking Enviroclad Sample Warranty.jpg

Viking Enviroclad Sample Warranty