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Water on the outside

Whether it's a home or commercial building, Viking's Roofing, Decking and below-ground waterproofing systems, keep water out and ensure it stays out.

Enviroclad With A View

Protecting properties

Viking Roofspec is a market leading provider of quality roofing and waterproofing materials. We've been protecting properties in New Zealand, the Pacific Islands and even Antarctica for nearly 50 years.

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Experience Counts

With nearly half a century of success in the construction sector, Viking Roofspec, one of New Zealand's leading roofing companies, has been trusted by thousands to protect what is usually a family or community's most valuable material assets; it's home or building.

We’ve worked with thousands of home-owners both locally and abroad, through to leading multi-national businesses and Government departments including: Fonterra; Fisher & Paykel; Foodstuffs; Progressive Enterprises; Ryman Health; Te Wananga O Aotearoa, and the Ministries of Justice; Health; Broadcasting; Education; and Corrections to name a few.

Our Background

Viking Butylclad Fisher Paykel Final Finish

Coming from a proud 100 years history under the Skellerup Brand, Viking Roofspec continues the tradition of providing dependable world-class roofing and waterproofing solutions.

In 1967, Skellerup began the manufacture of its Butylclad rubber membrane and went on to become one of New Zealand’s largest producers. To this day, Butylclad membranes are still manufactured in Christchurch to Viking’s exclusive specification.

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Viking Roofspec is part of Viking Group Limited which is a subsidiary of Tiri Group. Tiri Group is a significant New Zealand owned-and-operated company made up of 10 successful New Zealand businesses, collectively employing 600 staff and turning over $300 million

We have sales and distribution centres in Auckland and Christchurch; with the Auckland branch serving as its Head Office where administration, technical labs, training facilities and marketing divisions are located.

Our house is a Cape Cod design so our roof is very visual - we were originally going to leave our roof as it was but we decided a new roof would just make it - we were recommended Viking Roofspec and decided to go ahead with a Charcoal colour shingle - we're very happy with our decision - we would recommend Viking who are a very professional company.

Andrea, Auckland

Our People

Our People

Our organisation is only as good as its people. At Viking Roofspec we are driven by our commitment to lifting the standard of roofing and waterproofing in New Zealand, while exceeding our customers' expectation.

We have a nationwide team of Territory and Technical Managers who are catalysts between all key stakeholders in a project; from an initial consultation with the architect or building owner; interaction with contractors and Territorial Authorities; through to completion of the project.

Furthermore our customers are supported by our customers service, warehouse and marketing teams. Meet the members of our team below.

Rod Mcaneaney

Rod McAneaney, General Manager

I know it sounds cliché, but we really are a ‘team’- our culture is inherent internally and externally. We will go the extra mile for staff and customers to ensure we create a sense of family.

M: 0272 447 595

E: rod.mcaneaney@vikinggroup.co.nz


Brendon Sutton, Sales and Marketing Manager

With over 15 years in the construction industry, I have a vast range of experience keeping water on the outside of buildings and homes.

We are always keen to chat to you about your project and can offer strong technical advice to ensure you consider the best roofing or waterproofing solution for your project.

M: 027 600 4684

E: brendon.sutton@vikingroofspec.co.nz

John Edwards

John Edwards, Operations Manager

I come with a long history of technical experience in the building Industry. Lately, this had been in cladding. Now I move to the fifth wall, the most important portion of the waterproofing envelope, the roof.

My job here at Viking revolves around the fine tuning of the internal processes. I ensure that our customers, specifies, and others enjoy a seamless experience dealing with us and receive the correct information.

M:027 433 2546

E: john.edwards@vikingroofspec.co.nz


Greg Phillips, Northern Territory Manager

With a vast knowledge gained from over 30 years of experience in the building and timber industry it is evident that the performance of any construction material rests solely on the standard of workmanship in its installation.

We work very closely with our applicators, providing them extensive training and technical support, to ensure a professional watertight finish for our solutions.

M: 0274 985 894

E: greg.phillips@vikingroofspec.co.nz


Artur Lyalyushko, Category Manager - CertainTeed, EcoStar & Roser

Whether building a new home,renovation an existing one or simply replacing an old roof, choosing the right roofing solution is one of the most important decisions you can make.

Give me a call to discuss our pitched roofing solutions which include CertainTeed Shingles, Roser Roof Tiles or EcoStar Tiles.

M: 0278 893 054

E: artur.lyalyushko@vikingroofspec.co.nz


Tama Brown, South Island Territory Manager

With over 22 years in the roofing industry, I am based in Dunedin to provide a local focus in the Lower South region. Our roofing and waterproofing solutions are some of the most technically-advanced on the market. They are tried and tested in the colder South Island climate.

M: 0274 394 622

E: tama.brown@vikingroofspec.co.nz


Anton Fouchee, Southern Region Territory Manager and Architectural Consultant

After taking a couple of years to develop my understanding of the industry as an applicator, I have returned to Viking Roofspec as a Territory Manager. My technical expertise and understanding of the construction industry means that I have the right knowledge and advice to support the needs of my customers.

M: 027 5753896



Chris Withers, Lower North Island Territory Manager

With over 15 years experience of protecting homes and buildings from water, I have worked with it all. With robust technical expertise and a sound knowledge of waterproofing I am able to provide the Central plateau, Manawatu, Wairarapa, Taranaki and Wellington region with the support they need to keep water out for good.

M: 027 600 4683

E: chris.withers@vikingroofspec.co.nz


Dion McFlinn, Lower North Island Territory Manager

We don’t take chances with your home or building. We don’t set out to be revolutionary – waterproofing is a serious business and it can’t be too highly tricked.

Having worked in the construction industry for over 30 years I am able to offer customers strong technical and design support;ensuring quality assurance is delivered on a project right through from design to installation.

M: 0274 967 960

E: dion.mcflinn@vikingroofspec.co.nz

Rodney Mitchell

Rodney Mitchell, Northern Territory Manager

Originally from Cape Town South Africa I came to New Zealand in 2003 and adopted it as a home for my family. I have worked in the flooring and coating sector for 25 years.

My biggest skill is my attention to detail, I believe in cut once and measure three times. Customers, specifiers and homeowners can rely on me for correct technical information and help. I look after the Auckland North Shore region providing information and advice to those who need it. Give me a call to discuss your project.

M: 027 230 8739

E: rodney.mitchell@vikingroofspec.co.nz

Raising the skills of the industry

Viking Enviroclad FBS Final Finish Beachlands Home

Installation is Everything

The performance of any construction material rests solely on the standard of workmanship in its installation.

At Viking, we’ve taken this mantra so seriously, that we’ve invested substantial resources in establishing and running the Viking Waterproofing Licensing School. This has frequently been touted as the industry’s best by-far, with its comprehensive curriculum and stringent three-staged, hands-on, licensing programme to ensure every installer is applying our materials; not only to our specification, but with the care, pride and attention to detail that makes the job attractive and more importantly, 100% water-tight.

The knowledge, advice and professionalism of the Viking Trained Applicator made the daunting process of re-roofing very safe and simple.

Phillip & Kristen, Auckland
Viking Approved Applicator Installing Enviroclad

Viking Approved Applicator and Licensed Installers

An Approved Applicator is a company employing licensed installers who apply Viking Roofspec’s roofing and waterproofing systems in New Zealand. They meet a comprehensive set of criteria developed by Viking Roofspec to ensure a professional, watertight finish.

A licensed installer is an individual who has completed various stages of the Viking Roofspec licensing programme. He or she is either employed by an Approved Applicator or is the owner / operator of the company. Installers licensed to a minimum of stage 2 are eligible to install materials for a Viking Full System Warranty project.

To find an Viking Approved Applicator click on the link below.

Viking Licensing Programme

In 2007, Viking Roofspec formulated a stringent licensing programme to raise the standard of waterproofing in New Zealand. It is focussed on providing roofing installers from its Approved Applicator network, with the level of training and support to correctly and professionally install its systems to a watertight finish.

Stages of the Licensing Programme This 3 stage programme must be completed successfully (irrespective of experience) in order for an installer to be awarded his or her final licence.

Every Viking Roofspec Approved Applicator must either have completed, or be in the process of completing this licensing programme to be eligible to install Viking’s materials.

Stage 1

Viking Roofspec Purpose Built Facility - Practical, hands-on training and presentations, on how to ensure a specific roofing system is building code compliant, watertight, professional and installed with health and safety in mind.

This ensures that Viking Applicators have received training on how to successfully install our roofing systems.

Stage 2

Onsite assessments are undertaken for completed projects. This allows Viking Roofspec’s Technical Specialists the opportunity to assess applicators’ competencies on live projects.

The onsite assessments provide assurance that a licence is not obtained purely in the classroom.

Stage 3

Qualification - An individual’s licence is obtained after completion of a nationally recognized qualification such as the ITO National Certificate in Membrane; or on becoming a Licensed Building Practitioner.

This stage demonstrates an applicator’s attitude and ability to complete the full programme and install a professional and watertight roofing system.

Technical Support

working with you .jpg

Working With You

Successful projects are the result of crystal-clear communication between all stakeholders, with the building owner's needs being the number one priority throughout the project.

We believe our ears are our most important tool. A roofing, decking or tanking project need not be stressful. Alleviation of any potential anxiety comes through Viking and our Approved Applicators listening to you - the customer - and then ensuring the right solution is specified and more importantly, installed to specification; all-the-while keeping you informed as the project progresses.

We're extremely happy with the new roof. Viking delivered the very best job with a caring attitude, wonderful communication and ensured we received a top-notch finish.

Maggie, Orewa, Auckland
Installing Viking Epiclad On The Coast

Innovation by design

We don't take chances with your home of buildings. We don't set out to be revolutionary - waterproofing is a serious business and it can't be too highly tricked.

Having said that, we still watch the international roofing and waterproofing space closely. The systems we introduce are scientifically-tested. They are at the forefront of waterproofing and design innovation, incorporating the latest technical advancements from around the world and are produced by manufacturers who’ve committed their lab resources to ensuring a watertight finish.

Quality Assurance

Viking Decking Pool View

Ensuring peace of mind

From the products we supply, to the services we provide, Viking Roofspec believes in "taking care of the detail." This means a high level of quality in everything we do; providing total peace-of-mind to all stakeholders.

At Viking Roofspec we offer quality assurance from CodeMark through to Approved Applicators and a robust Full System Warranty product offering.



CodeMark is a New Zealand and Australian certification scheme which provides a process for a construction product to be assessed against, to demonstrate its compliance with the requirements of the Building Code. CodeMark is product certification, which is the pinnacle of the product assurance framework.

CodeMark streamlines building consent and inspection processes by assisting specifiers and Councils through providing the highest level of assurance, reducing delays and additional information requests when submitting a consent application.

When specifying a CodeMark certified product in accordance with the criteria of the certificate, compliance for the purpose of building consent, is guaranteed. No certificate provides more confidence and certainty to all key stakeholders, than CodeMark.

Our CodeMark products are:

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BRANZ is a nationally-recognised body providing product appraisals based on their expert scientific opinion.

Viking Roofspec holds current BRANZ Appraisals for the majority of our products. BRANZ performs independent product/system assessments - reviewing and testing quality; the ability to meet the requirements of the New Zealand Building Code and the ability to handle New Zealand's touch climatic conditions.

A BRANZ Appraisal supports the consent process.

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Viking Approved Applicator

Only Viking licensed installers of Approved Applicator companies are allowed to install Viking systems. An installer cannot become licensed simply by signing-up with us; they must obtain their license by attending and passing Viking's stringent 3-staged licensing programme.

This ensures that they are not just familiar, but skilled with the installation of Viking Roofspec's systems.

You can find a full list of Viking Approved Applicators click on the link below.

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Full System Warranties

For certain projects, Viking Roofspec can offer a Full System Warranty (FSW); where the product and installation is covered in one document for a 20-year period.

The FSW process includes a registration (conditions apply), detail sign-off and acceptance by Viking Roofspec, and a substrate check before a Viking Full System Warranty Approved Applicator carries-out the installation.

Viking Roofspec then conducts a post-installation inspection. If the project is up to the Viking standard, the project will receive a final sign-off. If not, then some remedial work will be required to the affected areas before sign-off can be achieved.

As part of the FSW process, the warranted project will also receive 1, 2, 5, 10 and 15 yearly inspections. This level of attention is all about 'taking care of the detail'.


Product Warranties

We stand behind our products with robust product warranties ranging from 20 - 50 years. This surpasses the minimum standard for durability set by the Building Code of 15 years.


Our Brands

We supply brands with proven track records, from manufacturers who supply us with great international support. The list of great brands who support us is extensive: Buzon, Carlisle-Syntec, CertainTeed, Global Dec-K-ing, General Membrane and Kingspan.


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Hear what others have to say about Viking Roofspec

At Viking Roofspec we are proud of the work we undertake and are committed to ensuring that the home/building owner receives a finished job they are delighted with.

From providing products with aesthetic qualities which are also developed to last the distance (as proven by Viking Roofspec's 20 - 50 year product warranties), we aren't happy unless you are happy.

This quality experience is further enhanced through our professional Approved Applicator network, who are trained to our exacting standards to ensure your needs and wants are completely catered for.

Have a read below of what other customers have to say about their Viking Roofspec experience.

Viking Enviroclad Final Finish On Local Huntly School

Great job with great product!

"We chose this product because the wider rolls minimise joins and therefore the potential for leaks. The warranty supports this and is one we can trust. The Applicator was very thorough with checking the preparation and ensuring the main contractor had prepared the base structure correctly.

When I turned up to site the Viking rep and Technical Manager were on the job ensuring all was done correctly. An observation - all the roofing applicators were happy in their work, ensuring a quality installation, despite the high temperatures. A great job done with a great product!!"

Tim Giesler on Viking Enviroclad, Director/Architect


Working with a Viking Approved Applicator

"When we began researching different roofing materials to replace our worn-out metal tile roof, we contacted an Approved Applicator off Viking's website. The applicator met us at our home to discuss the reroofing process. The knowledge and advice they provided confirmed we had made the right decision and their professionalism made the daunting process of reroofing very safe and simple. I would highly recommend a Viking Approved Applicator."

Phillip & Kirsten, Howick, Auckland

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Top-notch finish

"We are extremely happy with the new roof. Viking delivered the very best job with a caring attitude, wonderful communication and ensured we received a top-notch finish. I would definitely recommend Viking Roofspec to others."

Maggie, Orewa, Auckland

Certainteed Landmark Moireblack

Clear, well-reasoned advice

"We carefully researched reroofing options for our property and spoke to a number of suppliers and other professionals. Viking stood out in providing clear, well-reasoned advice and it was easy to compare the value for money of their product with others on the market. We chose their long lasting asphalt shingle product, and they assisted us with identifying a reliable and committed contractor."

Stephen & Yuri, Auckland

Transforming the look of a home

Roof dominates the appearance of the home

"Our house is a Cape Cod design so our roof is very visual - we were originally going to leave our roof as it was but we decided a new roof would just make it - we were recommended Viking Roofspec and decided to go ahead with a Charcoal colour shingle - we're very happy with our decision - we would recommend Viking who are a very professional company."

Andrea, Auckland


CertainTeed shingles transform the homes look

"Our existing cedar shingle roofing had come to the end of its life-span and we ere investigating our various replacement options. The Viking CertainTeed Independence shingle stood out as an attractive and cost effective solution, and the security of a 50 year product warranty and a Viking Approved Applicator gave us confidence in the reroofing process. We are very pleased with our new roof and can recommend Viking CertainTeed shingles to others considering their roofing options."

Craig, Auckland


Support throughout the consent process

"We appreciated the assistance from Viking Roofspec about the technical installation aspects of the Hatteras Shingles so we could get the local authority consent issues sorted. The Viking Roofspec team provided the shingle samples which made the process of deciding easier because we were able to see the real shingles on our roof. The roof looks great and the house seems to be warmer and quieter (no sounds of rain or wind noise)."

Chris, Wellington

EcoStar Midnight Grey

Compliments on the look of their home with EcoStar

"Our house was transformed when we replaced the existing roofing with EcoStar. We have had heaps of compliments about how good it looks and are thrilled that some 6 years after it was done it still looks as good as it did from the start and we have not had any need for any sort of maintenance on it. Great job thanks! Thoroughly recommended and knowing it has such a long product warranty period is an extra bonus!"

Camille, Wellington

Watertight finish

"Our house is one of four identical units and the other three owners all came to the same conclusion and opted for the Viking product. A year has passed, we have had a lot of heavy rain, and we enjoy living with the absolute confidence that we won't have to cope with drips and damp ceilings and walls again."

Stephen & Yuri, Auckland

Clear communication; Exceeds expectations

"When we made the decision to go with a new roof solution we contacted a variety of companies. After having many issues with some, Viking stood out as the most professional so we went with them. There is a level of trust that you have to have in a company and Viking exceeded our expectations. They provided clear communication through the job and any issues (raised by us or them) were discussed and resolved through good consultation. The roof looks fantastic and was done quickly and professionally."

Rich, Auckland


Viking Roofspec Taking Care Of Detail

Supporting the construction industry

Viking Roofspec belongs to a number of groups and associations in order to raise the standards in a number of areas associated with roofing and waterproofing.

It also enables Viking Roofspec to keep in touch with industry developments to ensure we are delivering the latest and greatest service and products.

Furthermore our memberships assist with:

  • Facilitating the compliance process for the customer and

  • Contributing to the development of the construction industry. Some of these memberships include the New Zealand Green Building Council, Roofing Association N.Z. and the Waterproofing Membrane Association Inc


Compliance with the building code

CodeMark is a New Zealand and Australian certification scheme which provides a process for a construction product to be assessed against, to demonstrate its compliance with the requirements of the Building Code.

CodeMark assists specifiers and Councils by providing the highest level of assurance, reducing delays and additional information requests (for the CodeMark Certified product) when submitting a consent application.

When specifying a CodeMark Certified product in accordance with the CodeMark certificate, compliance for the purpose of building consent, is guaranteed.

CodeMark is product certification, which is the pinnacle of the product assurance framework.

No certificate provides more confidence and certainty to all key stakeholders, than CodeMark.


Tested for New Zealand conditions

BRANZ performs independent product / system assessments - reviewing and testing quality; the ability to meet the requirements of the New Zealand Building Code and the ability to handle New Zealand's tough climatic conditions.

A BRANZ appraised product provides peace of mind and quality assurance. Our BRANZ approved products are:


Sustainable Building

With the rapid development of sustainable building in New Zealand, Viking Roofspec has identified the importance of offering a range of sustainable roofing solutions. These reduce the impact on the environment and assist with a building’s Green Star rating. For example Viking Enviroclad membrane is highly reflective in white and grey; thus contributing to the reduction in the energy costs associated with cooling a building.

As a member of the Green Building Council, Viking Roofspec is constantly learning new ways to develop sustainable roofing solutions for the New Zealand construction sector.

To find out more about the New Zealand Green Building Council visit their website.

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Working with Builders

We are a member of the Certified Builders Association of New Zealand to keep in touch with qualified builders. Our aim is to help support them with waterproofing membrane solutions to protect New Zealand homes and buildings from water ingress.

They were established in 1998 to recognise and promote qualified builders. Unless the builder is trade qualified they cannot become a member of the Certified Builders Association.

One of the main objectives of the Certified Builders Association of New Zealand Inc is:

“To provide New Zealand consumers with the assurance that our members are trade qualified builders who adhere to strict guidelines for standards of workmanship and business practice.”

To find out more about Certified Builders visit their website.

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Supporting specification

Masterspec is the leading construction product specification provider in New Zealand. Its key purpose is to provide the architectural and construction sectors with clear, meaningful specifications in a format that is council-friendly.

Masterspec is now being used by over 1100 architectural design practices. Providing detailed specification resources that can be easily modified to suit any project, Masterspec delivers its specifications in four genres for design professionals namely "Standard", "Engineering", "Basic" and "Minor".

To assist with specifications for your building project, all Viking systems have Masterspec specifications on the Masterspec website.

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Information at your fingertips

EBOSS is a library of technical information for building products, providing timely access for architects, designers and construction professionals.

The EBOSS library contains product information from over 200 of New Zealand's leading product suppliers, including CAD files, details, written specifications, warranties and more.

For designers and project managers, free access to the EBOSS library means fast and efficient searching for technical details and more time designing. No more out-of-date hard copy manuals.

Visit the Eboss website to check out our listing.

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Ensuring watertight finishes

The Membrane Group (MGNZ) is a group of membrane supply companies in New Zealand whose key thrust is to lift the standard of waterproofing in terms of supply and application.

This has been done by formulating codes of practice and providing a forum for the architectural marketplace to tap into its collective wealth of knowledge. Viking Roofspec is an active member of the Membrane Group.

For further information on the Membrane Group please visit the website.

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Commitment to the roofing industry

Viking Roofspec has been a member of the Roofing Association for many years and remains one of its sponsors; demonstrating its ongoing commitment to the roofing industry in New Zealand.

Established as an Incorporated Society in 1994, the Roofing Association of New Zealand (RANZ) is the national trade organisation and representative collective voice for the roofing industry. As roofing is a "specialist trade", the organisation is actively engaged in the business of ensuring a more professional, health & safety conscious, quality trained, skilled and qualified industry. RANZ represents the roofing industry in all aspects of legislation and compliance involving government, regulatory and local government authorities.

For further information on the Roofing Association please visit their website.

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