Our Warranties

Product Warranty

At Viking Roofspec we stand behind our products. Each product in our range has a product warranty that warrants the material’s performance based on the premise that the complete manufacturer’s system has been applied and that it’s been installed to specification.

Product Warranty periods range from 20 to 50 years. This surpasses the minimum standard for durability for a building’s ‘accessible’ materials set by the NZ Building Code of 15 years.

Viking’s products must be installed by a licensed installer of a Viking Approved Applicator company for that project to be covered by a product warranty.

Viking Full System Warranty

A Viking Full System Warranty (FSW) is a special 20-year warranty for the complete installed waterproofing or roofing solution from Viking Roofspec. It is a warranty combining roofing materials and installation into one document. In the unlikely event of an issue with the project, Viking Roofspec are responsible for material failure and/or installation; despite Viking only being a material supply company. This makes it simple for the building owner.

It’s a very special type of warranty, involving a series of inspections by a technical representative of Viking Roofspec every 1, 2, 5, 10 and 15 years of the 20-year period.

A fee of $750 applies to this warranty type if the job is under 1000m2. Not all projects will be eligible for a FSW, so they need to be applied for on-line (conditions apply).

Viking Roofspec will take responsibility for any job with a Viking Full System Warranty as per the terms outlined in the warranty form.

What does the Viking Full System Warranty offer?

• Covers both roofing product and installation in one document
• Financially-backed by the Tiri Group - a substantial New Zealand company
• Installation exclusively by Viking Licensees who have completed stage two of Viking’s licensing programme
• Comprehensive inspection, sign-off and quality control regime
• Regular application audits to ensure installation standards are maintained
• Roof care instructions

The Viking Full System Warranty is a comprehensive roofing and waterproofing warranty system that ensures a quality job and peace of mind.

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