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WarmSpan Accessories.jpg

WarmSpan Accessories

Warmroof Accessories.jpg

WarmRoof Accessories

Warmspan Skylight .jpg

WarmSpan Skylight


Viking WarmSpan Brochure 2019.jpg

Viking WarmSpan Brochure

All you need to know - Architects version

Viking Roofspec Company Profile

Viking Roofspec Warm Roof Warmspan Brochure

CAD Details

Details GM Torchon FULL SET.pdf.jpg

Details TorchOn FULL SET.pdf

Details GM Torchon FULL SET.pdf.jpg

Details TorchOn FULL SET.dwg

Enviroclad Details FULL SET.pdf.jpg

Enviroclad Details FULL SET.pdf

Enviroclad Details FULL SET.pdf.jpg

Enviroclad Details FULL SET.dwg

CAD Images

WarmSpan Flashing Dimensions.jpg

WarmSpan - Torch-On Flashing Dimensions

VWS01GM WarmSpan Drip Edge.jpg

WarmSpan - Torch-On Drip Edge

VWS02GM WarmSpan Diverter.jpg

WarmSpan - Torch-On Diverter

VWS03GM WarmSpan Cavity Wall Upstand.jpg

WarmSpan - Torch-On Cavity Wall Upstand

VWS04GM WarmSpan Facefixed Wall Termination.jpg

WarmSpan - Torch-On Face Fixed Wall Termination

VWS05GM WarmSpan Chase Flashing Upstand.jpg

WarmSpan - Torch-On Chase Flashing Upstand

VWS06GM WarmSpan Parapet.jpg

WarmSpan - Torch-On Parapet

VWS07GM WarmSpan Internal Gutter.jpg

WarmSpan - Torch-On Internal Gutter

VWS08GM WarmSpan Outlet or Overflow.jpg

WarmSpan - Torch-On Outlet or Overflow

VWS09GM WarmSpan Parapet Gutter with Scupper.jpg

WarmSpan - Torch-On Parapet Gutter with Scupper

VWS10GM WarmSpan Skylight.jpg

WarmSpan - Torch-On Skylight

VWS11GM WarmSpan Hip Ridge or Valley Detail.jpg

WarmSpan - Torch-On Hip Ridge or Valley Detail

VWS12GM WarmSpan Cricket with 2.3¯ Tapered PIR Panel.jpg

WarmSpan - Torch-On Cricket with 2.3 Tapered PIR Panel

VWS13GM WarmSpan Pipe Penetration.jpg

WarmSpan - Torch-On Pipe Penetration

VWS14GM WarmSpan Plinth.jpg

WarmSpan - Torch-On Plinth

VWS16GM WarmSpan Fall Arrest Anchor.jpg

WarmSpan - Torch-On Fall Arrest Anchor

WarmSpan Flashing Dimensions.jpg

WarmSpan - Enviroclad Flashing Dimensions

VWS01 WarmSpan Drip Edge.jpg

WarmSpan - Enviroclad Drip Edge

VWS02 WarmSpan Diverter.jpg

WarmSpan - Enviroclad Diverter

VWS03 WarmSpan Cavity Wall Upstand.jpg

WarmSpan - Enviroclad Cavity Wall Upstand

VWS04 WarmSpan Face Fixed Upstand.jpg

WarmSpan - Enviroclad Face Fixed Upstand

VWS05 WarmSpan Chased Flashing Upstand.jpg

WarmSpan - Enviroclad Chased Flashing Upstand

VWS06 WarmSpan Parapet.jpg

WarmSpan - Enviroclad Parapet

VWS07 WarmSpan Internal Gutter.jpg

WarmSpan - Enviroclad Internal Gutter

VWS08 WarmSpan Outlet or Overflow.jpg

WarmSpan - Enviroclad Outlet or Overflow

VWS09 WarmSpan Parapet Gutter with Scupper.jpg

WarmSpan - Enviroclad Parapet Gutter with Scupper

VWS09A WarmSpan Timber Gutter edge.jpg

WarmSpan - Enviroclad Timber Gutter edge

VWS09B WarmSpan Ply Gutter edge.jpg

WarmSpan - Enviroclad Ply Gutter edge

VWS10 WarmSpan Skylight.jpg

WarmSpan - Enviroclad Skylight

VWS11 WarmSpan Hip and Valley.jpg

WarmSpan - Enviroclad Hip and Valley

VWS12 WarmSpan Cricket.jpg

WarmSpan - Enviroclad Cricket

VWS13 WarmSpan Pipe Penetration.jpg

WarmSpan - Enviroclad Pipe penetration

VWS14 WarmSpan Plinth.jpg

WarmSpan - Enviroclad Plinth

VWS15 WarmSpan Pourable Pocket.jpg

WarmSpan - Enviroclad Pourable Pocket

VWS16 WarmSpan Fall Arrest Anchor.jpg

WarmSpan - Enviroclad Fall Arrest Anchor

Case Studies

ASB Malborough Case Study.jpg

ASB Civic Centre - Malborough

Product Specifications

Warm Span PTS.jpg

Product Technical Statement

FAST Adhesive MSDS.jpg

FAST Adhesive MSDS

Clear Cut Edge Sealant MSDS.jpg

Viking Vapour Barrier PDS

vkg_Strandsarking_June 2018.jpg

Viking WarmSpan Metal Deck Substrate Checklist

Quality Assurance


WarmSpan Engineering Summary

warmspan Membrane Care And Maintenance.jpg

Membrane Care and Maintenance Guide

Warm Span International best practice.jpg

International Best Practice WarmRoofs


Viking WarmSpan System

VikingWarmspan Roof Branz Appraisal.jpg

Viking WarmRoof Branz Appraisal