A No Flame Two-Layer Membrane System

When it comes to specifying waterproofing membranes for roofs and under floating decks, several specifiers prefer the added thickness and reassurance that the extra membrane layer provides in a staggered two-layer torch-on system. Torch-on membranes have stood the test of time and continue to do so. In recent times, there has been some industry movement away from the use of a flame for installing materials on a building site — for obvious reasons.

Despite the growth in popularity of alternative wide sheet single-ply weldable membranes that do not require a flame for installation, there is still significant demand for two layers of bituminous membrane... the catch being that they are applied with a propane gas torch.

Specifiers can now have their cake and eat it too, with the introduction of Viking Roofspec’s new ‘Halley-P’ No Flame Bituminous Membrane System. A two-layer system installed in the same staggered format as a traditional torch-on system, except that both layers are self-adhering, the use of a flame for a successful installation is not required.

Both the ceramic cap (black or grey) and base sheet membrane rolls, have a release paper on their underside, which makes installation very quick. The factory-applied adhesive has been specially formulated, so it cannot be combined with any other membrane type. This ensures the Halley-P NO FLAME ‘system’ is installed exactly as that — as a ‘system’. Once the roof installation is complete, the bond between the membrane layers to each other and to the substrate, continue to strengthen over time.

Halley-P’s chemical make-up is a hybrid of bitumen compounds which combine the tensile strength and puncture resistance of an APP (plasticised) bitumen, with the flexibility of an SBS (rubberised) bitumen. Halley-P’s temperature flexibility range means that it can be installed in areas with temperatures as low as -25°C, up to +120°C.

For more information on the revolutionary Halley-P NO FLAME bituminous membrane system, contact Viking Roofspec on 0800 729 799 or info@vikingroofspec.co.nz