An Environmentally Responsible Alternative to Natural Slate

Viking EcoStar’s lightweight, eco-alternative tiles offer the aesthetic and performance benefits of natural slate, while being an environmentally responsible choice for specifiers and property owners.

Viking EcoStar tiles are designed to emulate Welsh slate, while using up to 80% post-industrial recycled materials; diverting waste from landfill at the end of its life.

The unique formulation renders several advantages over slate whilst still offering the look and durability. EcoStar is approximately half the weight; placing less stress of the building structure.

Thanks to their rubber/plastic composition, Viking EcoStar tiles are flexible and won't warp or crack when subjected to climatic variations. They are highly impact-resistant; providing protection against extreme rain, hail and snow and have undergone testing to UL 790 standards for fire resistance.

The EcoStar range has a series of colours that emulate the timelessness of period architecture. Imitating the chiselled look of cut stone, each profile is manufactured with over 50 separate moulds to resemble the beautiful imperfection of natural, hand-chiselled slate.

Viking EcoStar tiles are a practical solution for period homes and historic buildings, or for modern buildings requiring a timeless slate finish, without the expense; weight and impracticality. You don’t need to forgo the look of beautiful, natural stone. EcoStar is a superior alternative.

The Viking EcoStar system is an environmental superstar, backed by a 50-year product warranty and installed only by Viking Roofspec Approved Applicators.