Fit-For-Purpose Membrane Roof Systems from Viking Roofspec

Viking Roofspec has a solution to suit all low-slope roofing preferences and situations.

Viking Roofspec’s leading-edge technology combines function with design flair to keep water out — for good. Viking has a comprehensive range of complete, certified waterproofing membrane systems for low slope roofing. Whether it’s to waterproof an insulated roof; a cold roof; or to retrofit onto an existing one, Viking Roofspec has a tested; proven and certified system to suit the circumstance.

Viking Enviroclad

A mesh-reinforced, heat-weldable TPO waterproofing membrane, Enviroclad is not just a membrane, it is a fully-certified ‘system’. It is not complete without its compatible adhesives, sealants and proprietary heat-weldable accessories. Rendering all the necessary attributes of a world-class system from waterproofing, aesthetic and environmental perspectives, Enviroclad is also available in seven colour tones providing specifiers and building owners with greater design flexibility.

Enviroclad Retrofit systems

Enviroclad F.B.S. (fleece-backed system): has a 'fluffy' polyester layer, factory-laminated to the membrane’s underside. Enviroclad FBS is one of the best reroofing solutions for overlaying over old bitumen or other types of old membranes. It's also a good overlay option for forgiving uneven substrates such as rough concrete.

RhinoBond Technology: This is induction-fastening technology where TPO-coated washers (plates) are screw-fixed to the existing substrate in a grid pattern. Normal (bare-backed) Envrioclad TPO is loose-laid over the top and a RhinoBond induction welding machine is then positioned above the plates (still underneath the membrane) as it emits an electro-magnetic charge through the membrane which vulcanises the TPO coating on the plate surface to the underside of the membrane; thus anchoring the membrane to the roof without penetrating it. RhinoBond eliminates the use of adhesives.

Retrofit systems allow building inhabitants to carry on with their lives without the huge cost and inconvenience of having to temporarily relocate; let alone the financial and environmental costs of shrink-wrap and dumping of the old materials in the local landfill.

Viking Torch-On

With New Zealand's diverse topography, Viking recognised the importance of providing the market with bituminous membrane systems manufactured from different compounds, to match their performance with the climate of the specific region(s).

  • Gemini APP: Developed for warmer climates, Gemini APP is a two-layered system with a high melt point when in contact with a flame and it boasts some of the highest-puncture resistance credentials in the market.
  • Lybra SBS: Designed for geographic locations that experience climatic extremes between seasons eg. Central Otago, Lybra SBS is a two-layered system that has a lower melt point and high cold-flexibility credentials allowing it to be exposed to temperatures down to (-15 deg C) without fracturing.
  • Phoenix APAO: incorporating the best of APP and SBS features, Viking's ‘Platinum’ Solution has a cold flexibility down to -35°C, coupled with high temperature resistance of +140°C. This means it can be used in any climate and will last longer than other systems.
  • Halley-P NO FLAME: Viking’s no flame torch-on system comprises of two bituminous membrane layers that are self-adhered rather than applied by a propane gas torch, removing the risk of fire on site. The underside of each layer employs special bonding agents that continue to strengthen over time.

Like Enviroclad TPO, Viking’s Torch-on range can provide some excellent retrofit options as well.

Product Assurance — CodeMark

Viking’s Enviroclad and Torch-On membrane systems are both CodeMark certified (and BRANZ Appraised), providing the highest form of product assurance in the industry.