Mitigating the risk in watertight roofing and decking solutions

Viking Roofspec mitigate risk through the quality of their products, certified applicator network and collaborative partnerships.

Although electronic leak detection isn't mandatory in the construction industry, Viking Roofspec operates by the mantra of providing 'absolute risk minimisation'. Having recognised the value of electronic lead detection, they frequently recommend its use where practicable.

Recent innovation in electronic leak detection technology allows for any leak to be identified, isolated and repaired — removing the time, 'guess work' and pain for building owners from traditional flood testing methods.

Recognising the value of this new technology, Viking sent samples of their membranes to International Leak Protection (ILD) to test compatibility. Viking's GM Torch-on systems and Enviroclad TPO membranes were suitable for use with ILD's electronic leak detection system.

It is rare that installations of Viking membranes incur leaks, but Viking recognises that it can happen and offers a solution to customers through ILD that is simple and easy to identify through.

So how does electronic leak detection work? A wire mesh grid is laid under the waterproofing membrane and connected to sensors. The membrane surface is covered with water to create a conductive medium. The system emits an electric current through the water and in the event of membrane breach, a ground fault connection is created that allows the technician to read the electric flow and to locate the leak point immediately.

Electronic leak detection is significantly important for roof gardens systems where the growth medium and plants are installed on top of the membrane; a traditional flood test would not be able to be repeated post-installation. The installation of an ILD system prior to membrane installation means any leaks can be easily identified and rectified.

**The benefits of ILD: **Non destructive to membrane Creates pinpoint accuracy Can be measured during product lifespan Never leave risk to chance; specifying a Viking Roofspec waterproof membrane system complemented with ILD gives an added layer of protection and confidence.