New Fully Engineered Warm Roof Solution Meets Updated H1 Requirements

Viking Roofspec offers the market a fully compliant, engineered warm roof solution, tested, and accredited by certified engineers, Holmes Solutions NZ.

Viking’s WarmSpan² system is the result of having analysed every possible component and installation method, to arrive at the most cost-effective, design-flexible membrane warm roof assembly that meets the requirements of H1 5th edition for roofs.

WarmSpan² answers specifier concerns of insulation build-up, allowing for design flexibility while reducing our carbon footprint.

WarmSpan² has a thickness of only 141.4mm from the top of the vapour barrier to the underside of the membrane surface (or R4.3 at 91.4mm), promoting tasteful design lines. The engineered specification can either include a plywood or steel tray substrate, and the option to waterproof with either of Viking’s CodeMark membrane systems; Enviroclad or Viking Torch-On, creating more flexibility in design. Additionally, the foiled-faced PIR board is compatible with electronic leak detection systems, giving stakeholders an alternative to traditional flood testing while providing a permanent detection system for the life of the roof.

WarmSpan² only requires a minimum of H1.2 plywood, reducing the treatment process and creating better environmental benefits (conditions apply). Viking has removed the need for primers and adhesives on multiple layers, and with their PIR manufactured in New Zealand; they've reduced their carbon footprint through reduced logistics.

The Viking Roofspec WarmSpan² system is backed by a 20-year warranty and can only be installed by a Viking Roofspec Approved Applicator.