The Deck Surface for the ‘Time Poor’

Viking’s Dec-K-ing is a waterproofing membrane used on trafficable decks and walkways.

It is an all-in-one: hard-wearing; aesthetically-pleasing; comfortable underfoot; heat-weldable PVC vinyl sheet, which most importantly, keeps water out of buildings for good.

Viking Dec-K-ing was originally designed in Canada in the 1980s for the marine industry (boat decks). Its robust surface proved invaluable when subjected to: UV; salt spray; fish bait and blood; continuous abrasion from anchors and cray pots. Legend has it, that a fisherman from this period installed it on the jetty leading up to his houseboat; on which he’d installed it on the roof as well. The material’s ability to maintain its durability and to continue looking good in these situations, saw it make the predictable transition to the local and then international construction sectors.

Today, Viking Dec-K-ing is installed on thousands of decks; walkways; ramps; surf clubs and childcare centres in New Zealand and some islands of the South Pacific.

As we’ve become increasingly time-poor, our appetite to spend time on the maintenance of our properties has decreased. In a residential sense, we’d rather be outdoors and/or spending time with family. Commercially speaking, we’d rather invest time making a profit than spending disproportionate amounts of time and money keeping the premises clean. This is where, Viking Dec-K-ing comes in to its own. A simple wash with a soft broom and soapy water (or a water blast) 1- 2 times per year is all that’s required to keep the surface of this material looking like new. No more cracked tiles or rotten timber planks for replacement. Stubborn stains can be treated with a proprietary Dec-K-ing cleaning solution.

Viking Dec-K-ing is a BRANZ appraised system which comes in a range of seven attractive earthy-coloured patterns that forgive soiling while blending in with surrounding cladding and balustrading materials. The material is fully-adhered down and its seams are heat welded at 350 degrees celsius to ensure watertightness.

Construction materials are only as effective as their installation. Only Viking Approved Application companies with installers licensed at Viking’s training facility, are certified to install Viking Dec-K-ing, which ensures the highest standard of workmanship.