The Fully Compliant, Engineered H1 Warm Roof Solution

Viking Roofspec offers the market a fully compliant, engineered warm roof solution, tested, and accredited by certified engineers, Holmes Solutions NZ.

Viking’s WarmSpan2 system is the result of having analysed every possible component and installation method, to arrive at the most cost-effective; design-flexible; membrane warm roof assembly that meets the requirements of H1 5th edition for roofs.

WarmSpan2 offers cost reductions on materials and labour

Viking WarmSpan2 has been engineered to minimise the time required for installation time and materials needed. With 900mm support centres (versus traditional 400mm centre support system), along with heavily reduced nogging due to the tongue and groove plywood edges, which results in approximately 3x fewer structural requirements including snow loading.

Since the ply is an interior structural component, it only needs to be H1.2 treated, and more importantly the construction programme won't be held up waiting for the moisture content to dip below 20%. The warm roof installation can happen as the ply continues to dry.

The high R-value of 140mm foil-faced PIR (6.5 on its own) alleviates the need to use an extra layer of PIR for the complete roof assembly to meet the minimum R-value of R6.6; reducing handling time. The full assembly renders R6.7 (or R4.3 with 85mm PIR).

The Viking Roofspec WarmSpan2 system is backed by a 20-year warranty and can only be installed by a Viking Roofspec Approved Applicator.

VK Warmspan2 Compact