The future of low-slope roofing

Viking WarmSpan is a high-performance and cost-effective warm-roof-on-steel roofing system for low-sloped roofs. It has been engineered in New Zealand and is one of the country’s simplest, most energy efficient and cost-effective warm roof systems.

  • NZ engineered and certified system (Homes Solutions)
  • BRANZ appraised
  • Highest fire resistance credentials in the market (Group 1-S) — Note: not all warm roof systems offered to the market have been fire tested.
  • Substrate supports can be as wide as 3.6m centres, significantly reducing structural costs (versus plywood with timber supports at 400mm centres)
  • Lightweight roof assembly means less stress on the building structure
  • Tapered insulation board to promote watershed in critical areas (around drains)
  • Used with single-ply or two-layer torch-on membrane systems
  • ‘Polyisocyanurate’ (PIR board) has the best R-values in the market
  • WarmSpan is perfect for low-risk membrane roof design/construction methods

WarmSpan Components

This full proprietary system is made up of three components: a wide-spanning steel tray roof deck that also forms the vapour barrier, KingSpan Polyisocyanurate (PIR) rigid insulation panels adhered on top, waterproofed with one of Viking’s membrane systems.

With this system avoiding using unnecessary components and comprising of of one less layer than other systems, it weighs less than a traditional warm roof, reducing the stress on a building's structure.

Viking WarmSpan is NZ's simplest and most energy efficient warm roof system in the market. It is not just a roofing system, it is a tool that facilities a smarter method for design and construction.

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