The Latest Technology in Two-Layer Bituminous Membrane Systems

Now you can have your cake and eat it too with the introduction of the Viking Roofspec Halley-P No Flame, bituminous membrane system. This two-layered system is installed in the same staggered format as a traditional torch-on system, except that both layers are self-adhering with no flame required.

Both the ceramic cap and base sheet membrane rolls have a release paper on their underside, making installation quick. The factory-applied adhesive has been specially formulated, so it cannot be combined with any other membrane type. Once the roof installation is complete, the bond between the membrane layers and to the substrate continues to strengthen over time.

Viking Roofspec’s Halley-P No Flame chemical make-up is a hybrid of bitumen compounds that combines the tensile strength and puncture resistance of an APP (plasticised) bitumen, with the flexibility of an SBS (rubberised) bitumen. Halley-P’s No Flame temperature flexibility range means that it possesses a cold flexibility quotient as low as -25°C and high temperature flow resistance of +120 °C

The Viking Roofspec Halley-P No Flame system is backed by a 20-year warranty and can only be installed by an Approved Applicator.