Enviroclad - TPO Waterproofing Membrane

Viking Enviroclad, a TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) waterproofing membrane offers absolute watertight integrity for low-slope roofs. Enviroclad has been installed on tens of thousands of homes and commercial buildings across the country and the Pacific Islands.

Enviroclad is a mesh-reinforced, heat-weldable waterproofing membrane that can be installed on most low-slope and pitched roofs, gutters and parapets, pond liners, balconies, under floating decks and roof gardens of commercial and residential buildings – new or existing.

System Benefits

  • Installed only by Viking Approved Applicators
  • Formulated to suit a wide range of climatic conditions
  • UV resistant
  • Water potability certified
  • Heat-reflectivity
  • 100% recyclable
  • Wide rolls – (up to 3.66m) = less seams
  • Long rolls – (30.4m) = less seams
  • 20-year product warranty
  • CodeMark Certified (Certificate No. 30058)
  • BRANZ Appraised (Appraisal No. 656)
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Rendering all the necessary attributes of a world-class system, from waterproofing, aesthetic and environmental perspectives, Viking Roofspec offers Enviroclad TPO in seven colour tones: White, Dove Grey, Medium Bronze, Ironsand, Rock Brown, Slate Grey and Patina Green, providing architects and building owners versatility for the aesthetics of their designs.

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Manufactured by the world's largest and most technologically advanced manufacturer of waterproofing membranes, Carlisle Construction Materials, Viking Enviroclad is not just a membrane, it is a ‘system’. It is not complete without its compatible adhesives, sealants and proprietary weldable accessories.

Viking Enviroclad’s heat-weldable accessories have been developed to ensure water tightness in these vulnerable areas. These accessories range from heat-weldable internal and external corner flashings, to self-sealing pourable pockets to create a watertight finish around penetrations.

Additional Viking Enviroclad Solutions

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Enviroclad FBS

Enviroclad FBS has a 'fluffy' polyester layer that has been factory-laminated to the underside. Enviroclad FBS is one of the best reroofing solutions for overlaying over old bitumen and other types of old membranes. It's also a good option for forgiving uneven substrates such as rough concrete.

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Enviroclad APEEL

Enviroclad APEEL has a protective film that has been factory-applied to the surface of the membrane. The protective film temporarily guards the surface of the membrane from scuffs and dirt during installation (and construction process), until it is peeled off; leaving a pristine, shiny roof surface - having eliminated the laborious process of wiping the surface area with solvents.

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RhinoBond is an induction-fastening technology that provides an alternative method of bonding the Viking Enviroclad membrane to a wide range of substrates; eliminating the need for adhesive. It's mechanical fastening method, surprisingly does not involve penetrating the membrane.


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