SilCoat - Liquid Coating

Viking Silcoat is a liquid membrane system that can be applied to virtually any existing roof surface to extend its life.

Viking Silcoat is a ‘repair-and-maintenance’ product. It is a great option for a building owner looking to extend the water-tightness of a building for a few more years without over-capitalising by fully the roof. SilCoat is also an excellent option when there are so many roof penetrations that waterproofing with a sheet membrane would be impractical.

System Benefits:

  • Remedial waterproofing solution
  • Seamless membrane
  • UV resistant
  • Tolerates water pooling
  • Excellent resistance to mould and mildew
  • Colour options – grey and white
  • Installed only by a Viking Approved Applicator
  • 5-year product warranty
Silcoat RR 1