WarmRoof - insulating a building from the outside

Viking WarmRoof is a roof assembly comprising of a membrane; rigid insulation board; and a vapour barrier installed on top of a substrate.

Our system is secured by F.A.S.T. adhesive technology that doesn’t pierce the thermal layer but still provides the necessary wind uplift resistance. The savings from the building’s new energy efficiencies can amortise the entire re-roof cost as soon as eight years after installation, depending on the thickness used.

Why a Viking WarmRoof system?

  • Highest possible fire performance (Group 1-S)
  • World leading rigid insulation boards - Kingspan Polyiso
  • Polyiso has the highest R-Value - maximum ROI
  • F.A.S.T adhesive to secure panels to substrate (avoids mechanical fasteners and thermal bridging)
  • Environmentally friendly insulation - no CFCs in manufacture
  • Tapered option to maximise watershed
  • Compatible with any of Viking's membrane systems
  • The ability to add a cover board for high foot traffic commercial roofs
  • Maximises green star building points
  • BRANZ Appraised (Appraisal No.713)
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A practical solution for a low-slope roof overlay

Thermal efficiency aside, a Viking WarmRoof is also a practical solution for overlaying an existing low-slope roof with weather-tightness or UV resistance issues. Virtually any existing roofing material, including metal can be overlaid.

The benefit for building owners is the existing roof does not need to be removed, minimising the disruption for inhabitants and ensuring the building’s intended purpose is maintained while the roof integrity is improved. This is especially useful for buildings where relocation of people and/or contents is problematic such as: hospitals, aged care facilities; art galleries and museums to name a few.

Components of a Viking WarmRoof system:

  • Vapour barrier (for cool stores and regions with extreme climatic variances)
  • Kingspan Polyiso insulation panel (including tapered)
  • Any of Viking’s sheet membrane systems


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