Christchurch Botanical Gardens


The iconic Christchurch Botanical Gardens visitor centre has a complex roof - a 1,000m2 saw tooth design with termination points featuring glass. As the self-proclaimed ‘Garden City’, it was important to create a comfortable environment for both the plants and the 1.4 million visitors per annum; particularly during the colder months.

The new building was designed by award winning Auckland Architect Pattersons; with design and installation of the roof taking 4 years from start to finish due to the interruption of earthquakes.


Viking Roofspec recommended installation of a WarmRoof adhered over 75mm-thick polyiso.

White Enviroclad was used as it provides 92% solar reflectivity, (which provides numerous energy savings benefits), while the R-Value (measure of thermal resistance) of the WarmRoof system is the highest in the construction industry.

There were a number of challenges that came to Viking’s attention during the project:

Multiple redesigns from the glass manufacturers required changes to the roof design at the termination points;

  • Winter weather;
  • Substandard plywood had to be replaced before Viking's Warm Roof solution could be installed.
Botanical Garden Roof 6


With the Viking Warm Roof System installed, the Christchurch Botanical gardens visitors centre was able to acquire a great-looking roof incorporated into the overall aesthetics of the building. More importantly, a watertight roof finish was achieved that protects the building and inhabitants from the elements.

Christchurch Botanical Gardens also achieved the ultimate in quality assurance with the acquisition of a Viking Full System Warranty. This allows for greater risk minimisation as the warranty covers both the product and installation under one process.