Fisher & Paykel - Butylclad


A new building was being built for Fisher & Paykel Healthcare in Auckland. The architect, who had designed all Fisher & Paykel's buildings, wanted a roofing solution that would ensure the building's millions of dollars worth of machinery and R&D equipment would be completely protected. As water damage would be highly expensive and dangerous. The roofing membrane also had to be flexible due to the propensity for the plywood substrate to move during the change in seasons. It was also important that the membrane surface could reflect some heat.


The architect immediately moved to use Viking Butylclad, a tried and true solution which the architect had past experience using.

The EPDM component of Butylclad provided the membrane with both elongation and UV resistance properties. These elongation properties meant that the membrane could stretch and morph when required to; so when the building flexed and moved as timber substrates do, the Butylclad membrane would forgive this and move with it; ensuring the integrity of the membrane was not compromised. Butylclad in grey was specified so that some solar heat was reflected back off the roof, helping to better control temperatures within the building to go with Butylclad's existing UV resistance.


The finish on the Fisher & Paykel Healthcare building was something to behold, as it was a very large surface area that looked immaculate with the grey Butylclad neatly installed by a Viking Approved Applicator.

Despite being installed in 2005, inspections indicate that the Viking Butylclad still looks good and is performing admirably under its 20-year product warranty. Although nothing is likely to go wrong in this time, the warranty provides added assurance to those at Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, as they know Viking Roofspec stand behind the product and will honour the warranty for the full 20-year period.