'The Peak'- Queenstown Hill


A magnificent property designed by renowned architects Mason and Wales was being constructed atop of the peak of Queenstown Hill.

The construction timetable dictated that the roofing system would have to be installed in winter, meaning temperatures consistently below 0 degrees Celsius and snow and ice most days. A fully adhered membrane system was initially specified for this low slope roof. However, the anticipation of compromised adhesion due to the application of adhesives in cold temperatures meant that this was not practical for the time of year.



Viking Roofspec, being a ‘solutions provider’, recommended one of their fit for purpose two-layer torch-on systems better suited for the environmental conditions. Viking Lybra SBS is a torch-applied membrane meaning no adhesive is required, therefore dictating that Viking Lybra SBS could be installed in cold temperatures.

Lybra, being of the SBS variety (styrene butadiene styrene) is specially-formulated to manage large temperature fluctuations between winter and summer without fracturing. Central Otago temperatures range from below 0 degrees Celsius in winter to 30+ degrees Celsius in summer, meaning Viking Lybra was a well-matched solution for this Queenstown property

Image 2


This was an illustration of Viking and the applicator using their technical expertise to match an appropriate membrane solution to the project’s requirements. Additionally, Viking was so confident in the specification and the experience of the applicator, that a Viking Full System Warranty was issued for this project. This meant that the product and installation warranties were both covered in one warranty document for a 20-year period.

“Viking Lybra allowed us to complete the project in the harshest of temperatures and conditions and still get a perfect finish on time.” - the applicator