Torch-On Protects Roof and Deck


A new house was being built in a high-end residential area of Auckland. The roof flowed nicely to a deck section, which provided a wonderful viewing platform for the coast. This upmarket home required a tidy, pristine finish that would be in-keeping with the neighbouring houses. The detailed design of the roof made waterproofing a challenge... and then there was the deck...


The applicator suggested the use of Viking Gemini APP, a two-layer torch-on modified bitumen membrane system to meet all criteria. This solution would also be suited to an exposed coastal environment. The difficult design meant that the membrane had to be applied to some tricky curves. Being a torch-on system, it is easy to manipulate and mould through the use of heat to deal with curves, contours and upstands.

Viking Gemini was also used as the waterproofing component of the deck. Seeing a floating deck would be installed on top, the membrane would be torched to the deck substrate while Viking Buzon screwjack pedestals would be placed on the membrane, to support the floating structure and allow water to drain freely under it and away from the building.



The end result was exactly what the home owners were looking for. They were conscious of how critical waterproofing is. They wanted a membrane system installed only by a licensed applicator and backed by a warranty of substance; one that had been appraised to meet New Zealand’s harsh conditions. With Viking Bituclad being BRANZ Appraised AND being New Zealand’s first CodeMark certified torch-on system; they had the right product being applied on their house. The roof and deck finishes were pristine and watertight. The product warranty ensured that the materials would last for the minimum of the 20 year period.