Countdown - Napier


The Countdown Supermarket in Carlyle Street, Napier, has a steel roof which had been bent and split due to foot traffic. As a result the roof had been leaking into the supermarket. The building is owned by the Oyster Group, which is a specialist property company, operating throughout New Zealand.

In order to protect the building; Countdown’s stock; and its customers, a new roof was required.


Representatives from Viking Roofspec met with The Oyster Group to discuss an alternative to replacing the roof.

Viking recommended overlaying the roof through the installation of the Viking WarmRoof system. Advantages of the WarmRoof system that were of particular importance to this project were:

As the warm roof is an overlay system, the old roof didn’t need to be removed. Otherwise there would have been costly downtime from evacuating the building during the re-roofing process;

No need to uplift the existing air-conditioning and plant units;

The roof will deliver ongoing financial contributions to the building, eventually rendering itself as a “free” roof to The Oyster Group.


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The Oyster Group purchased the Viking Warm Roof System to protect the building and offer security and peace of mind to its customer. It also provides the added benefit of significant energy savings, which will eventually pay for the roof and contribute financially to the building.