ASB Civic Centre - Marlborough


Located in central Blenheim, this project is on a high-profile site next to the iconic ‘clubs of Marlborough’ building. As a major civic amenity the ASB Civic Centre came in for much public discussion both before and during construction.

Construction commenced in 2013 – the largest commercial enterprise undertaken in Blenheim for many years. Roofing materials were not finalised until well after commencement, as decision-makers faced the challenge of reducing costs without compromising on quality.


After several years of consultation, the most appropriate roofing materials were chosen – Viking WarmSpan membrane. The combination of cost-effectiveness, aesthetics and installation practicality, resulted in these two systems being selected. The total area of the roof was approximately 2,000m2, with ten different roof planes (some curved), gutters; and five different roof pitches - all varying from 1.5 – 20 degrees.


Civic Image


Now that the stunning ASB Marlborough Civic Centre is completed, it will be Marlborough’s cultural pride and joy for decades to come. The Centre is also protected by a Viking Full System Warranty, where the product and installation are both covered under one warranty document for the minimum 20-year period; providing peace of mind for the Trust.