Height restrictions and low pitch no obstacle for Viking WarmSpan


Leuschke Group Architects alongside CMP Construction required a roofing system for the Neo Apartments; a brand new 1300m2 building in Central Auckland.

The building had limited space due to an E10 height plane (maximum height) restriction; therefore an extremely low pitched roof was required in order to remain under the maximum allowable height. Just one degree of fall was all that could be achieved in some areas.


Viking Roofspec was requested by the architects to consult on the project, advising straight away that Viking WarmSpan would be the most efficient system, being an integrated warm roof that was cost effective and easily installable over the steel purlins, whilst adhering to the building’s height restrictions and slope limitations.

The specified Viking WarmSpan was made up of three components: a steel substrate; that; when fully sealed, works as an integrated vapour barrier, Kingspan polyiso boards; in this particular case, two layers of 50mm insulation panels installed in a half-drop staggered pattern – as requested by the engineer to ensure ultimate thermal performance and achieving a continuous R-rating of R4, and Viking Gemini APP, a two-layer torch-on membrane installed on top to seal the roof.

Neo Apartments 3

Installed by a Viking Approved Applicator, the Neo Apartments WarmSpan system was installed to specification, including the use of F.A S.T adhesive technology in place of screws and plates to avoid penetrating the insulation board. The two layer Gemini Torch-On membrane was then applied straight onto the insulation panels.

Neo Labeledplusaerialplustest


Viking worked closely with the architects, engineers, project managers and roofing installers from start to finish, providing advice on the best solution, typical detailing, and onsite installation inspections.

All stakeholders involved were very pleased with the final result. The workmanship of the application company was pin-point perfect, and the building consent process was smooth due to Viking WarmSpan being BRANZ Appraised and Viking Gemini Torch-on being Codemark certified.