A Re-Roof Made Exceptionally Easy


The owners of a stunning property on the Mellons Bay waterfront, desperately wanted to revitalize their beautiful family home. The existing timber tiles were old; degrading; warping; leeching onto the exterior cladding; but worst of all – leaking.

The timber tiles had been installed on a plywood substrate which had become water-damaged and therefore also needed replacement.

With the roof being the most prominent feature of this large residence, (apart for its exquisite views) it was vital it received its overdue refurbishment.



In order to achieve the best quality finish, Viking recommended the specification of CertainTeed Landmark Asphalt Shingles in the ‘Charcoal’ colour; installed on top of StrandSarking - a high quality; cost-effective; H3.1 treated timber substrate which is more structurally robust and consistent in finish, than alternative timber substrates.

The combined weight of shingle and/or tile roofs installed on timber-sarked substrates such as plywood or strand-board, are not only half the weight of slate, clay or concrete tile roofs, but the sarking also performs as a single diaphragm which braces the entire building. The result – a lighter but structurally superior roof.

The BRANZ appraised Viking ‘Landmark’ shingle evokes the depth and surface of natural cedar shakes with soft shadow lines creating a classically stunning three-dimensional look.

CertainTeed Asphalt Shingles create a completely waterproof and highly durable roofing system. The shingles themselves are composed of a strong fibre-class mat base. Asphalt is factory-applied over this before ceramic-coated mineral granules are embedded in the water-resistant asphalt to provide the UV resistant coating. With a heavy-duty construction, Landmark shingles are designed to handle the toughest of weather extremes, with a wind resistance rating of up to 180kmph, which deems them compliant for buildings located in wind zones officially classified as ‘Very High’. Accordingly, this specification was suitable for this home located on an exposed waterfront.

The family also felt reassured by the fact that Viking CertainTeed Asphalt Landmark Shingles are only installed by Viking Approved Applicators and are backed by a 30-year product warranty.


The homeowners were astounded by the transformation of their home. They had also recently finished painting the exterior cladding, but admitted that their new roof made the greater aesthetic statement.

Aside from the Landmark shingle profile suiting the building’s architecture, just as importantly, the standard of installation; the quality of materials including substrate- all backed by a warranty of substance, meant that the owners now had a roof that would stand the test of time.



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