Saving the Planet One House at a Time


Situated on the border of the beautiful Southern Hawkes Bay region of Dannevirke, is the setting of a stunning federation-style home.

This home underwent a number of improvements over its life; including a re-roof. Unfortunately, the composite-type roof shingle that complemented the overall look of the building, lacked any type of ventilation, which caused degradation and the roof began to leak.

Aside from weather tightness and ventilation, it was important to the owners, that the style of new roof reflected the architectural flavour of their period house.

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After a number of consultations, the homeowners decided on investing in Viking’s most prestigious roof tile; Viking EcoStar in the ‘Midnight Grey’ colour, due to its true resemblance of original welsh slate tiles.

Viking EcoStar is an eco-alternative to slate roofing. Designed to emulate the look of Welsh slate, the Viking EcoStar system is half the weight of slate and is manufactured using 80% recycled materials; including rubber and polymers, from the likes of recycled car bumpers, radiator hoses and door mouldings. They are highly flexible and environmentally-friendly thanks to their 100% recyclability.

The engineering advantages of a shingle or tile installed on a timber sarking substrate are significant. Not only does the substrate act as one ‘diaphragm’ by bracing the entire building, but the combined weight of the tiles; underlay and substrate is between 20 - 25kg per m2, which places minimal stress on a building’s structure (versus slate, clay or concrete tiles at approximate 45+kg/m2).

The unique formulation of Viking EcoStar renders several other advantages over slate roofing whilst still offering the slate look. Not only does it hold the highest impact rating of any construction product, it has been designed for superior UV resistance so will not only stand up to New Zealand’s harsh solar conditions; but has been warranted to do so for 50 years.


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Paired with copper flashings and small areas of Viking Enviroclad waterproofing membrane, the finished re-roof has exceeded the home owner’s expectations. This beautiful family home is now watertight; efficiently ventilated; compliant for an ‘extra high’ wind zone and is warranted for 50-years.

In a world of diminishing resources, sustainable building products continue to grow in popularity. Viking Roofspec offers a unique opportunity for building owners to choose a strong and attractive roofing system while supporting the use of recycled products.