The Heart of Epsom is Restored


Built in the heart of Epsom, Auckland in 1926, the original concrete tiles on the roof of the St Georges Anglican Church were in dire need of replacement; not only for durability and waterproofing reasons, but as much for the health of the congregation seeing the tiles contained asbestos.

The client - Heritage New Zealand, BSM Group Architects and Auckland City Council, worked collectively in search of an appropriate replacement roof system. It was imperative to the client that the materials selected preserved the building’s period architectural flavour for another 100 years. Discussions took place as to whether concrete tiles should be re-selected, or slate, or even corrugated iron; all eventually being vetoed due to, stress on the roof structure (concrete and slate) or lack of authentic aesthetic (steel). It wasn’t until the client sought the assistance of Viking Roofspec that they learned about our eco-alternative to slate roofing – Viking EcoStar.

2022 06 03 St George S Anglican Church Viking Roofing 14


Comprised of 80% recycled rubber and plastics, Viking EcoStar provides an eco-alternative while capturing the authentic appearance of natural slate roofing or hand-split cedar wood tiles. Installed on a sarking substrate, the EcoStar system also braces the building structure while still only weighing approximately half that of concrete, clay or slate tiles. Heritage New Zealand willingly specified this system and all other stakeholders were happy with the proposed solution.

The roof refurbishment project started well, but progress came to a halt when the removal of the tiles on the east side revealed a timber substructure that was different and inferior to what was expected. Based on what was evident at the eves, the project management team made the decision to redesign the roof structure, allowing for seismic strengthening. Plans were returned to council for consent.

On approval, installation 2.0 got underway. Completed in stages, the builders prepped the new sarking substrate, with the Viking Approved Applicator following behind with 900m² of EcoStar tile installation.

The installation still had its challenges. The team faced lengthy delays with scaffolding resources, and despite the building being tented, the shrink-wrap struggled with two extreme weather events, slowing the speed of installation. 

2023 07 28 St George Church Finished DJI 0193 HDR 1 1600Px


After nine months, St Georges Anglican Church got a brand new, beautifully constructed roof – including a structure that has been strengthened to meet earthquake standards, raising it from 40% to 67% (NBS).

The clients couldn’t be happier with their new roof. Knowing that the Viking EcoStar system is light and yet extremely durable; installed by an approved applicator, and supported by a 50-year product warranty, reassures them that their building is watertight for many years to come, while resembling an authentic slate roof.


2023 07 28 St George Church Finished DJI 0226 HDR 6 1600Px


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