Leaky Decks - Apartment Complex


A large multi-story Auckland Central apartment building had waterproofing difficulties.

As well as being a leaky building that was being re-clad, the walkways and private balconies originally waterproofed with a liquid membrane were leaking into the spaces below them.


The architect, Alexander and Co Ltd, had undertaken numerous remediations for multi-unit apartments, schools and commercial buildings.

They were seeking a single-ply membrane for the walkways and decks that would avoid complicated detailing at apartment entrances, staircases, and changes in levels.

They choose to specify Dec-K-ing, Viking’s PVC membrane in ‘Stonehenge’ due to the following:

  • Is a foot trafficable membrane that negated the need for tiles or deck jacks that would have created detailing issues at interfaces with existing stair levels and apartments entrances
  • Has a grippy surface, an attractive pattern, and is an all-in-one system
  • Has a high puncture resistance and latitude strength due to its inbuilt polyester reinforcing mesh
  • Has an easy to maintain surface, perfect for an apartment building with a multitude of residents
  • Has heat welded seams ensuring maximum watertightness
  • Has been installed in New Zealand for 20 years with a proven record
  • A BRANZ appraisal that assures its effectiveness in New Zealand’s conditions and high UV exposure
  • Substantial 20-year warranty.

    Alexander and Co Ltd and the main contractors appointed one of Viking’s most experienced Dec-K-ing applicators to install the membrane. Only installers who have completed Viking’s three-staged licensing program are eligible to install the product.

Apartment 2


Body corporate, the apartment owners and the architect could not be more thrilled with the result. The job was completed before a stint of torrential rain, and there have been no leaks, a nice change for the apartment dwellers. All stakeholders are pleased with the watertight, durable and attractive walkways and decks.
“The technical support and onsite Quality Assurance provided by Viking throughout the installation deserves recognition.” - Peter Grantham