No door threshold? No problem for Viking Dec-K-ing!


Serving as the main outdoor entertaining area of this private Eastern Suburbs home, the slate tile deck had deteriorated the waterproofing layer below it, allowing water into the living space below. The homeowner had to make a quick decision on how to repair such a crucial space.

It was critical that the replacement surface would be durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of outdoor furniture, whilst providing superior waterproofing. After some extensive research, the homeowner made contact with Viking Roofspec regarding possible solutions.

A big challenge was the lack of height below the door threshold, meaning he couldn’t have a floating deck. And with the industry outlawing the adhesion of tiles to a membrane, this resulted in the specification of Viking Dec-K-ing exterior vinyl which works perfectly in situations like this.

Decking Before


With input from both the builder and a Viking Approved Applicator, Viking Dec-K-ing in ‘Sand Pebble’ finish was selected for this home.

Viking Dec-K-ing is a hard-wearing, aesthetic waterproofing membrane, providing the ultimate underfoot finish and waterproofing for decks above living areas. It is a PVC membrane reinforced with a polyester mesh scrim inherent in the sheet to provide latitudinal strength and puncture resistance.

The installation of Viking Dec-K-ing is a precise ‘science’ hence this BRANZ Appraised waterproofing system is installed only by members of a select network of Approved Applicators.

The entire deck substrate was re-pitched with 17mm plywood and correct fall as per building code. With the door threshold being only 50mm above the exterior deck surface, it was vital the ranch sliders were removed to allow membrane to dress 100mm under the door framing. The Dec-K-ing membrane was also taken up 150mm behind cladding, as per Viking Roofspec’s specification.

Viking also provided the mounting block for the air conditioning unit situated on the deck. As the block simply sits on top of the membrane, no penetrations were made and the area remained completely watertight.

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With the support of a 20-year product warranty, the homeowner was very pleased with the finished product and workmanship of both the waterproofing applicator and builder.

We are really pleased with our new renovated deck – it’s much more inviting than the old deck, which was surfaced with a waterproof underlay and slate tiles; but after 30 years it was tired and a place we avoided. We chose Viking Dec-K-ing membrane because of its waterproofing properties and long lasting potential. We are impressed with the hardness of the surface and the 20-year product warranty– not many companies are prepared to support their products for this long. The Viking Approved Applicator did a great job and were very tidy. They worked closely with our builder to complete the work in the shortest time and we look forward to enjoying the end result for many years to come.
Brian Hutchinson - Homeowner




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