New colour options for membrane roofing

Viking Roofspec’s Enviroclad TPO membrane is available in six colours; providing architects and building owners with more versatility and flexibility for the aesthetics of their designs and buildings respectively.

There are several situations when a coloured TPO membrane on a flat roof is more appropriate than the incumbent grey or white:

  1. Not all flat roofs are unseen; these situations can provide an opportunity for a building owner to make a visual statement by having a coloured membrane installed.
  2. Buildings with earthy-coloured roofs blend in more tastefully in rural and bush areas (some councils have made this mandatory).
  3. Likewise, buildings with more natural-coloured claddings such as cedar, stone, brick or copper combine well with an earthy-coloured membrane.
  4. In cooler climate regions where there are more cold than warm days per year, a darker and more absorbent coloured membrane such as the new ‘Slate Grey’ or ‘Mansard Brown’ would be more appropriate than a light and highly-reflective membrane like white which is better-suited to buildings in more temperate and tropical climates.The new additions to the Enviroclad TPO membrane colour range are ‘Rock Brown’, ‘Slate Grey’, ‘Patina Green’ and ‘Mansard Brown’.

Just like the standard Enviroclad membrane system, this coloured range offers absolute watertight integrity for low-slope roofs. It possesses all the necessary attributes of a world-class system from waterproofing, aesthetic and environmental perspectives. It retains strong UV and puncture resistance properties, and the reinforcing mesh provides latitudinal strength.

Viking has supplied its Enviroclad system for just over 7,000 projects in NZ and the Pacific Islands. Their systems have an extremely low ‘measured’ remedial rate (or cost of quality) which sits at 0.3 of 1%.