Viking pedestals create seamless indoor-outdoor flow

The practicality and durability of Viking’s Buzon pedestal system is essential when a seamless indoor/outdoor flow is not negotiable for a residential or commercial building.

NZ’s current Building Code requires a minimum drop of 100mm from a building’s interior floor slab level to the external substrate. Despite the logic from a waterproofing perspective, this can destroy a building’s indoor/outdoor flow. The benefit of Viking's Buzon pedestal system is that the pedestals support the floating deck's surface (either timber planks, pavers or tiles) at the same height as the interior floor level, while allowing rain to drain through to the substrate; complying with the Building Code standards.

The NZBC also requires the gradient of an external deck’s waterproofed surface to slope away from the building at a minimum of 1.5° or 2.0° in the Auckland region. Most pedestals have only height adjustment, whereas Viking Buzon pedestals have both height (up to 1m high) and slope adjustment. This allows for the substrate to slope away from the building by up to 3°, while the external deck surface emulates the interior floor level, being perfectly flat at 0°.

At 325cm² (20cm diameter), Viking Buzon pedestals have a very large head. This maximises the supported surface area of the corner of a tile or paver. Additionally, the base of each pedestal has been moulded with a soft radius to prevent the unit from gouging the waterproofing membrane.

As well as the above benefits, Viking Buzon screwjack pedestals individually support up to one tonne (1000kg) and are 100% recyclable.

Claude Buzon invented the world’s first pedestal in 1984 and his company has been successfully suspending deck surfaces throughout the world ever since. Accordingly, Buzon is now the pedestal of choice for specifiers and key stakeholders in the construction and landscaping sectors.

Viking Roofspec is the exclusive distributor of Buzon pedestals in New Zealand, having proudly represented them since 2007.