Buzon Pedestals - hardwearing, robust deck support

Viking Buzon pedestals are used to support floating deck surfaces (either timber planks, pavers or tiles), ensuring the exterior deck surface is supported at the same height as the interior floor level whilst still allowing rainfall to drain through to the substrate below.

Complying with E2/AS1 as an acceptable solution, the Buzon pedestal system creates a stunning, yet functional outdoor entertainment space. The practicality and durability of this system is essential when a seamless indoor/outdoor flow is not negotiable for a residential or commercial building. 

System Benefits:

  • 1000kg weight load per pedestal
  • Slope correction up to 10% (5.8°)
  • Largest surface area on its base: 325cm² (20cm diameter)
  • Manufactured in Belgium; European quality
  • Rubber shims for improved acoustics
  • Accessories to assist with vertical surfaces eg. stair rises
  • Softened edges for membrane protection




Viking Buzon pedestals have both height and slope adjustment , allowing for the substrate to slope away from the building, while the external deck surface emulates the interior floor level, being perfectly flat at zero degrees.


Buzon Helps To Create Indoor Outdoor Flow

Buzon Pedestals

Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Flow

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