Roof Garden - bring your roof to life

A roof garden is a roof that is covered with vegetation and soil; lined by a proprietary drainage and membrane system that ensures the living space below remains watertight.

Helping improve the quality of life in our urban environments and reducing the impact on our limited resources; a Viking Roof Garden System is designed to do just that: offer both functional and aesthetically appealing benefits.

The Viking Roof Garden system offers both functional and aesthetically appealing benefits:

  • Reduces storm water runoff
  • Air and water purification
  • Protects roof membrane from climatic extremes
  • Sound and temperature control
  • Insulates and shades the building
  • Provides a pleasant outdoor area
  • Utilises a building's ‘5th wall’
  • Installed only by a Viking Approved Applicator
  • 20-year product warranty
  • BRANZ Appraised (Appraisal No. 903)
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Why a Viking Roof Garden?

A Viking Roof garden is cleverly designed with proprietary drainage components and accessories, to provide an effective, tested and proven system.

BRANZ Appraised
Viking’s Roof Garden is New Zealand’s only BRANZ appraised roof garden system using a sheet waterproofing membrane.

System Approach
The Viking Roof Garden is a complete system - not a concoction of parts cobbled together. It’s an internationally tested and proven, proprietary system made up of specialised components.

MIRAdrain G4 Component

This drainage board composite is a multi-purpose 3-in-1 critical component that provides: an absorbent moisture retention layer to keep soil damp; a series of cups and holes that both retain and release water in controlled volumes, and a protection layer to ensure the root barrier below isn’t damaged. 

Aluminium Drainage Boxes
Specific to the Viking Roof Garden system, these boxes promote the drainage of stormwater while simultaneously protecting the drains from clogging with soil.

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Viking Roofspec understands that each roof garden is unique. We work with all project stakeholders to create a custom roof system that meets New Zealand Building Code requirements; the challenges of the local climate; and the needs of the building owner.

As compelling as the idea of a roof garden can be, there are several facets that must be executed correctly to ensure a successful roof garden installation. A dead roof garden, or worse-still a leaking one, is a hugely expensive issue to resolve.


Viking Roof Garden comes as a complete system

Components of a Viking Roof Garden System

  • Electronic leak detection system
  • Waterproofing membrane (Enviroclad or Anti-root Torch-On)
  • Root barrier (for Enviroclad only)
  • Drainage board composite (including protection fabric, drainage board cups and moisture retention layer)
  • Plants and soil
  • Aluminium drain protection box
  • Aluminium garden edging

Key factors to consider:

  • An appropriate waterproofing membrane layer
  • The soil (a.k.a ‘growth medium’) having been specifically formulated for roof gardens eg: high draining soil full of pumice, compost and perlite
  • Plants and grasses that aren’t too thirsty and don’t possess aggressive root structures
  • A maintenance programme employed, or better still, proprietary watering system
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