Torch-On - Bituminous Membrane Systems

Viking Roofspec offers several fit-for-climate, two-layer torch-on solutions.

Specialising in modified bitumen technology, Italian supplier General Membrane provides Viking Roofspec with exclusive and code-compliant plasticised (APP), rubberised (SBS), hybrid (APAO) and Anti-Root Torch-On systems, plus a self-adhered system requiring no flame for installation. 

With New Zealand's diverse topography, Viking recognised the importance of providing the market with bituminous membrane systems, manufactured from different compounds, that maximise their performance by withstanding our country's climatic extremes.

System Benefits:

  • Installed only by Viking Approved Applicators
  • Diverse base sheet range, compatible with all cap sheets 
  • UV resistant
  • Thermal ageing resistance
  • Dimensional stability
  • Tensile resistance
  • Overlay option
  • 20-year product warranty
  • BRANZ Appraised (Appraisal No. 948)
  • CodeMark Certified (Certificate No. 30092)
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All Viking Torch-On systems are installed exclusively by Viking Approved Applicators, with Viking Roofspec being the only supplier in New Zealand to provide a professional Torch-On licensing programme. 

Viking Roofspec offers several fit-for-purpose two-layer bitumen solutions:

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Viking Phoenix Super APAO

Viking's ‘Platinum’ Solution can be installed anywhere in the world. It is an APAO membrane that incorporates the best of APP and SBS bitumen membrane features.

APAO Torch-On membranes have been designed for roofs and under floating decks and in gutters demonstrating all of the durability properties inherent in the Gemini APP membrane, with the elastomeric advantages in the Lybra SBS.

A key benefit is its unequalled cold flexibility down to (-35°C), coupled with high temperature resistance of +140°C. This means it can be used in any climate and will last longer than other systems.

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Viking Lybra SBS

SBS membrane systems are designed for geographic locations that experience climatic extremes. Made from 'rubberised' bitumen, this membrane type is used for roofs and under floating decks and in gutters mostly in New Zealand's Climate Zone 3 (the South Island and the North Island volcanic plateau).

SBS membranes have a lower melt point and high cold-flexibility credentials allowing them to be exposed to lower temperatures without fracturing.

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Viking Gemini APP

Made from 'plasticised' bitumen, this robust system is used for roofs and under floating decks and in gutters in New Zealand's Climate Zones 1 and 2 (the North Island excluding the volcanic plateau).

APP membranes have a high melt point when in contact with a flame and boast some of the highest-puncture resistance credentials in the market.

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Viking Halley-P No Flame

The Viking Roofspec Halley-P No Flame system comprises of two bituminous membrane layers that are self-adhered rather than applied by a propane gas torch, removing the risk of fire on site.

The underside of each layer employs special bonding agents that continue to strengthen over time. The Viking Roofspec Halley-P No Flame comes with a grey or black ceramic chip cap sheet and it possesses a cold flexibility quotient as low as -25°C and a high temperature flow resistance of +120 °C.

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Viking Roof Garden Anti-Root

Anti-Root membranes are used in roof garden projects to perform the important role of; through their inherent specialised chemical treatment, of coercing plant and tree roots to turn away before membrane penetration.

These membranes also possess high latitudinal strength to forgive structural movement of a building.


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