Mercury FC protects home below ground


A new home was being built in an exclusive Auckland suburb. The high-profile architect and homeowners required waterproofing materials with a history of proven performance. The sub-structure’s waterproofing system was especially important, as upon completion it would be covered by back-fill; there was only one opportunity to get it right. A robust tested-and-trusted solution was required to satisfy all stakeholders.


The architect and builders sought the expertise of Viking Roofspec to support in the selecting two systems, one to protect the roof and one for the sub-structure; the latter would be encapsulated using Viking's Mercury FC tanking membrane system.

BRANZ appraised, Viking Mercury FC is 4mm thick offering a higher puncture resistance than the average tanking membrane to maximise watertightness of the sub-structure and to minimise damage after installation from heavy, earth moving machinery.

A Viking Approved Applicator trained to waterproof the all-important sub-structure completed the installation of the below-ground tanking system. The same applicator also installed the Viking Torch-on system on the roof of the house. Having one applicator to carryout all above and below-ground waterproofing systems provided a more coordinated programme on-site and streamlined the administration for all stakeholders (including Council) who received one folder with the mandatory Producer Statements and Workmanship Warranties for works carried out on site.



Torch-on membrane systems have been protecting New Zealand buildings for decades. The age-old and proven methodology of using torch-on membranes as a tanking solution was once again proven effective using Viking Mercury FC.

The watertight sub-structure provided reassurance and instilled confidence in the homeowners who were also reassured that the membrane system had been backed by a substantial 20-year product warranty against defects.