Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Flow


A beautiful Nelson home, overlooking the stunning coast line, was being built. One of the key features was the creation of a seamless indoor / outdoor flow from the living spaces to the expansive deck area that runs the length of the house. The decking area had a waterproofing membrane, which was to be covered with Italian tiles. The New Zealand Building Code requires that an exterior deck's waterproofing membrane must be a minimum of 100mm below the level of the interior floor slab and then slope away from the building at a minimum of two degrees. So how do you create a seamless flow, with the outdoor tiles sitting at the same level as the inside floor level (and at zero degree slope ) and still meet these NZ Building Code requirements?

Buzon Working With Tiles To Create A Seamless Indoor Outdoor Flow


Viking Buzon Screwjack Pedestals are the answer. The key benefits of the Viking Buzon system for any building are:

  • Its ability to create a seamless indoor-outdoor surface; suspending the deck's walking surface so that it sits at the same height as the interior floor level;
  • Height and Slope Adjustment - while most pedestals have only height adjustment, Viking Buzon pedestals have both height and slope adjustment, allowing for the substrate to slope away from the building by up to three degrees, while the deck surface remains flat (zero degrees);
  • Superior drainage whilst still promoting watershed;
  • Ability to hide unsightly services below an attractive deck surface;
  • Load bearing - each individual pedestal can support over one tonne of weight deeming them more durable under severe impact than the actual substrate!
  • European quality - manufactured to exacting specs at the Buzon factory in Belgium.
Buzon Raises Deck Level To The Same Level As The Indoors


A continuous indoor-outdoor flow was achieved, with a seamless finish from the living spaces to the outdoor deck area to take advantage of the surrounding coast views.