Peel and Stick - complete sub-structure watertightness

Viking Peel and Stick is a self-adhering below-ground waterproofing system consisting of a 1.5mm thick rubberised asphalt membrane, on the face of which a heavy-duty, high impact polyethylene film, has been laminated.

The adhesive side has a removable release sheet that is peeled back at the time of application to a pre-primed substrate and then fully bonds to it.

System Benefits:

  • Adheres to various substrate types
  • Can be installed to maximum depth of 3.5m
  • Elastomeric properties
  • Bond improves over time
  • Proven track record over the last 20-years
  • Installed only by a Viking Approved Applicator
  • 20-year product warranty
  • BRANZ Appraised (Appraisal No. 826)





It is applied cold; a perfect solution in restricted areas where the use of a propane-gas-fuelled flame would be dangerous.



Peel and Stick

Waterproof Sub-structure

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