Dec-K-ing creates suitable space for toddlers


The owners of a new early childcare centre in Auckland had the challenge of creating an outdoor space that was suitable for toddlers, while ensuring the internal spaces below remained watertight.

The membrane specified for the deck area needed to be functional while serving a different purpose than normal – a safe playground surface for children. It was vital to the owners that the membrane solution was trafficable, so that they wouldn’t have the extra expense of putting a floating deck over the top.

The other reason for avoiding a floating deck, was to minimise any build-up of sediment or spillages from the kids activities under the deck.

It was vital that the 83m2 flat area was durable; ideal for constant foot traffic from 8am to 5pm, five days a week, and safe to play on – cooler under foot than traditional deck surfaces such as timber; pavers or tiles, and more comfortable on the hands and knees of toddlers as they crawl around.

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After consulting with a Viking Technical Manager, Viking Dec-K-ing (a PVC sheet membrane) was recommended seeing its physical properties met the unique requirements:

  • Viking Dec-K-ing doesn’t retain as much heat as other materials. Seeing the space is a play area for children, the surface needs to be comfortable and grippy under foot
  • Viking Dec-K-ing membrane is one of the very few all-in-one waterproofing; aesthetic; and trafficable sheet membranes on the market
  • Being low maintenance, Viking Dec-K-ing is easy to clean (soapy wash with soft broom)– perfect for messy toddlers
  • Puncture and wear resistant; making the area safe to use no matter the weather conditions – durable and robust all year round

The Forest Hill Childhood Centre doesn’t have a simple deck space; having been designed with internal gutters. For this to remain child safe, all internal gutters needed to be covered, which was done with Viking Buzon pedestals supporting a narrow floating deck. This ensured a smooth, flat transition without any trip-hazards.

BRANZ Appraised (Appraisal No. 411) Viking Dec-K-ing can only be installed by a Viking Approved Applicator and is backed by a 20-year product warranty.

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Viking Dec-K-ing is a complete system with proprietary heat-weldable flashing accessories which assist the installation of the membrane; making it easier to detail penetrations and transitions, limiting human error and therefore maximising watertightness.

Additionally, Viking Dec-K-ing adds design flare to the project. The selected pattern for this childcare centre, ‘Country Cottage’, provided a sophisticated yet rustic style for the outdoor area. This warm timber pattern boasts a stylish look without the need for maintenance.

The wide selection of Dec-k-ing finishes and colours allowed us to pick a plank style look, that turned out great and compliments the modern look of the building
Adrian Bosch, Project Manager


The childcare owners were thoroughly impressed with the support Viking offered throughout the specification and installation process – especially when it came to detailing the job for the building consent. They also applaud the Viking Approved Applicator who did a “top notch job” and are really happy with the final look.


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